Huawei patent leaked shooting of moon with 50X optical zoom


    The State Intellectual Property Office announced a patent for Huawei, which is called “a method and electronic device for shooting the moon”. The method automatically recognizes the moon in the preview interface and enters the moon shooting with Huawei P30 Pro after recognizing the moon, thereby automatically focusing the moon and displaying a clear outline moon image in the preview interface.

    The State Intellectual Property Office announced a patent entitled “A Method and Electronic Equipment for Shooting the Moon” by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., which was filed on February 22, 2019.

    According to the patent introduction, this method can capture a clear, crystal-clear moon in the normal shooting mode or during the shooting process of non-professional users, improving the user’s shooting experience.

    Previously, after the release of Huawei P30Pro, it took a while to shoot the moon, and the moon that was shot became more “exquisite” and caused a lot of controversies. Many people questioned whether this is AI optimization or “P”?

    “Huawei shoots the moon” Luo Shengmen:

    Huawei P30 Pro shooting moon is questioned as P map. In April this year, Huawei held a press conference to officially release Huawei’s P30 series mobile phones and released a set of moon photos taken by Huawei P30Pro on its official Weibo.

    Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business, also posted photos of the moon he took with the phone on Weibo.

    On April 13th, the well-known evaluation media loves the technology master Wang Yueqi to send a microblog to question Huawei P30Pro to shoot the moon “it seems to be P up”, that is to say, that the phone will automatically recognize that the object is the moon, and then P a moon.

    Subsequently, Wang Yueqi sent a microblogging said: “It was indeed ambiguous to say that the ‘P’ came out, saying that ‘AI calculated’ is more accurate.”

    He also said, “When the texture on the ‘moon’ is not a circular pit, but other things (such as underwear), the phone will also treat it as a circular pit, but at least it means that there is no built-in moon image stacked directly. ”

    For a time, “Huawei P30Pro shoots whether the moon is AI optimization or ‘P’ comes out” and falls into “Rashomon”, causing various discussions with netizens.

    On April 16, under the pressure of public opinion, Ai Ruo Technology issued a statement saying that Wang Yuexi was expelled because the test was not rigorous and misleading the user to incite emotion.

    However, the question has not subsided. Among them, knowing how to treat love technology, Wang Yuexi said that the moon made by Huawei P30Pro is PS? Under the question, the answer to the answer to the main sparked a heated discussion.

    After a detailed evaluation, he believes that Huawei does have the “P month” function, which is the ability to “have nothing”.

    In addition to the “reconstructed” picture of the very blurred moon, it can still be done: 1. Add the details of the complete elimination; 2. Restore the details of the flip-over; 3. Eliminate the extra added miscellaneous items.

    He said that once the AI ​​is recognized as the moon, the trigger mechanism, there will be a “nothing to have” ability to repair the pattern, equal to modify the answer according to the standard answer.

    After taking photos of different objects, he found that Pluto, the moon’s side, and the teacher’s watch can trigger the P month function.

    How did Huawei take a photoshoot of the Moon will be explained in detail in the coming post.


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