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Hacking is an interesting topic, but finding the genuine Hacking Website is not so easy, and also difficult to learn. But the hacking website will make it easy to learn.

In this article we have listed some of the best legal hacking sites and community forums where you can discuss and learn ethical hacking. doesn’t teach you hacking, neither we support you to do, we have just listed those network troubleshooting sites which are not banned by the Search Engines, and considered safe to visit.

Best Hacking Websites
Best Hacking Websites

Types of Hacking

There are two types of hacking

  • Ethical Hacking
  • Unethical Hacking

Ethical hacking is something used to protect the network of the working organization, such as finding security threads, fixing vulnerabilities, and other stuff. Whereas unethical hacking is doing something illegal with your hacking skills, like logging into someone else’s account, spying on someone without letting them know, accessing unauthorized files, and more.

And they are also known as Whitehat Hacker and Blackhat Hacker. Where white hat refers to an ethical hacker and black hat refers to an unethical hacker.

In black hat hacking, the major purpose of the hacker will be to earn money, but there are other mindset hackers as well whose intention is not earning but such are fame-seekers who anonymously gain credit for the illegal work they did.

Basically, in any ethical hacking course, you will get to learn the below-mentioned syllabus, it doesn’t fully make you a Hacker, but at least gives you an idea of how networking works and how a Hacker does hacking.

“To catch a thief, think like a thief”

In ethical hacking, you don’t do any suspicious activity, but learn to prevent such activities.

  • Introduction to Ethical Hacking.
  • Footprinting and Reconnaissance.
  • Scanning Networks.
  • Enumeration.
  • Vulnerability Analysis.
  • System Hacking.
  • Malware Threats.
  • Sniffing.

In a basic ethical hacking course, you will probably get to learn the above-mentioned topics. To learn to hack, you first need to have basic knowledge of computer hardware and networking.

Some courses also include chapters named Computer Hacking, Windows Hacking, Linux Hacking, Android Hacking, and Mobile Hacking. And at the glance, you probably think of learning how to hack a Windows password or Android password. But in reality, it’s not, they may teach you how to protect the Windows login credentials and how to keep a secure password.

These things may disappoint you because your expectations were different and the reality is different. But don’t worry, there is some communities/forum where you can discuss real hacking.

Hacking Websites

First, understand what are hacking sites. Hacking Websites don’t provide any tools to hack anything with a single click, instead, they will teach you advanced ethical hacking.

There are plenty of sites from where you can learn the hacking. But most of them are not as good as expected.

Technology is changing day by day, and you must aware of the new technologies, below are the best ethical hacking websites with modern-day hacking tools.

The below listed Hacking Websites offer straight-to-point content. The hacking tutorials are made in such a way that a noob user can also understand.

List of Best Hacking Websites

1. Null Byte – WonderHowTo

Null Byte
Null Byte

Null Byte is the best platform to learn real hacking. This is a legal yet educational site where you will get to learn all types of Hacking, including, Wi-Fi Hacking, Facebook Hacks, Password Cracking, Virus Programming, and other cool stuff. And it is one of the Best Hacking websites for WiFi.

2. Hackerone


Hackerone is the world’s #1 free Hacking learning platform. This site teaches you Hacking from scratch, all you need to have is, time and interest to learn. The Hackerone community also organizes hacking contests where you can express your hacking skills and win rewards.

3. Hacking Articles

Hacking Articles
Hacking Articles

Hacking Articles is a Blog site hosted by Raj Chandel. It has many tutorials on how to hack wifi, and not only that, it also has many other system hacking articles. The articles are unorganized. If you want an organized Hacking course, then it will be paid.

4. HackeRoyale


HackeRoyale is one of the famous hacking sites. They offer the best and easy-to-learn tutorials with a great explanation. This is a completely free site, and you don’t have to pay a single penny to learn anything. However, this site doesn’t have a liner hacking course but has straight-to-the-point tutorials.

5. VulnHub


VulnHub is a hacking blog come book library. It has plenty of valuable hacking eBooks written by famous Hackers. The site is very easy to use and navigate and has almost all of the essential eBooks on Ethical Hacking and Networking.

The above-listed sites are best to learn Hacking. But if you stuck while learning, then these sites won’t help you to overcome with a solution. For that, a hacking forum is the best way to search for an answer to your query.

Hacking Forums

When it comes to hacking forums, there are two types, one is the normal forum and the other is a dark web forum.

Normal Hacking Forums are the one which is publically available that everyone can access. Whereas Dark Web Hacking Forums are anonymous and can only be accessed with a TOR browser.

Best Hacking Forums

Forum is the place where you will get answers for all of your doubts, you can ask experts, and they’ll reply to it without any ego. Below are some of the best Hacking Forum Websites.

1. Hackaday


Hackaday is the most popular Hacking forum of all time. There are thousands of active users in this forum who will help you to solve your query. It has already covered the most common questions in hacking, and you probably get the answer easily.

2. Hackster


The Hackseter UI seems a little unsatisfactory because always a hacking forum will have a dark theme. But in this case, the Hackster not only covers Hacking content but also helps to solve other Computer hardware issues as well.

3. BreakTheSecurity


BreakTheSecurity is an all-in-one forum for learning to hack and as well as discussing. This site offers some amazing tutorials on ethical hacking. And the best part of this forum is, you don’t need to be registered to access any of the content.

4. HackThisSite


HackThisSite is a pretty good forum to discuss hacking. The UI is so satisfying and all the content is categorized, and you don’t face difficulty in navigating. You will find many professional hackers active on this site, and of course, they will answer your question.

5. Sectools


Sectools is an organization of group of hackers whose intention is to secure the web. You will get to learn many hacking attacks and also how to prevent them. This hacking forum also doesn’t ask you to complete any registrations, you can seamlessly access your favorite content.

Forums are pretty useful to discuss. There are plenty of users helping each other to resolve their issues online. But real hacking is something illegal that you can’t publish publically by revealing your identity, that’s where the Dark Web comes.


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