IZAuM Hackers Reviews 【Genuine or Fake】- 2020


    Whenever you think about Hacking Service, you remember the Dark Web. As you are aware, the Dark web is most commonly known for illegal Services or product sales, and in that Hacking is also one of them.

    There are two types of Hacking, Ethical Hacking, and Unethical Hacking. Ethical hackers use their skills for the purpose of network security. They try to prevent data breaches and threats, even recovering lost Username and Password will come in the Ethical Hacking category. Ethical Hacking will not harm any Individual or Organization.

    The Computer viruses you find nowadays are not system generated, they are created by the people whose purpose was to trap you into the phishing or any other things that might profit the Hackers. Some of the Hackers use the biggest trustworthy company names to scam people, and bypassing this phishing is a part of Ethical Hacking.

    But, Unethical hackers do Hacking for different purposes, such as gaining access to anyone’s Social Media account or stealing sensitive data from a System or server.

    IZAuM Hackers

    IZAuM Hackers Reviews
    IZAuM Hackers Reviews

    If anybody wants to hire a Hacker, they of course visit Dark Web, and Hacking services are often done anonymously. But from the past few days, a Company called IZAuM Hackers is campaigning through Google Ads, saying “Hire a Hacker”.

    IZAuM Hackers ad

    If you are wondering whether these types of campaigns are allowed by Google Ads Policy, then you got it wrong, actually, these guys are campaigning it as Ethical Hacking services, but if you visit their site, you will get to see a bunch of services listed, and each and every service sounds unethical.

    They have listed up to 14 Services till date

    • Email Hacking
    • Facebook Hacking
    • Instagram Hacking
    • College Grades Hacking
    • Cell Phones Hacking
    • WhatsApp Hacking
    • Snapchat Hacking
    • Skype Hacking
    • Twitter Hacking
    • Credit Hacking
    • Tracking an IP Address
    • Websites Hacking
    • Bitcoin Recovery, and others.

    You might be wondering how anyone can sell these types of Services on a public domain, and you might doubt it, whether they are genuine or just scamming in the name of Hacking Service. To gain your trust, they are offering a Pay-on-proof facility in which they first get your job done and will send you a proof of Hacking and later you have to Pay. Is It?

    As discussed earlier, they provide multiple services, and below is the description of each service.

    Disclaimer: We don't promote or support illegal activities, this post is just a review of IZAuM Hackers based on internet research.

    IZAuM Hackers Services

    Email Hacking

    In this, IZAuM Hackers will send you the password of the requested email ID and a PDF document covering instructions and suggestions on securely accessing the cracked e-mail.

    Facebook Hacking

    In this, you can hire a Hacker to recover a lost or stolen Facebook password. In this service, you can provide any of the Facebook accounts on which you want to gain access.

    Instagram Hacking

    It is the same service as Facebook Hacking, where you have to provide the username of the social media account which you want to occupy. The terms and conditions are the same as Facebook Hacking.

    College Grades Hacking

    College Grades Hacking is the one that changes your life, where you can request for modification of the records or grades of your college report.

    Cell Phones Hacking

    This service sounds strange, but it is listed on the official page of IZAuM Hackers. They are providing the facility to spy or gain control over an entire device remotely. Nowadays, smartphones are focusing more on Security and Privacy than UI features, and it sounds difficult to execute this hack, but it is listed in the IZAuM Hackers site.

    WhatsApp Hacking

    It is the most requested service so far, and it is listed on the IZAuM Hackers site alleging, you can get full control over anyone’s WhatsApp account. It is similar to accessing the WhatsApp web of anyone without letting them know that you are spying on them. You will get full control over an account, including access to all of the conversations, files, photos, location, and voice.

    Snapchat Hacking

    IZAuM Hackers will hack the given Snapchat account of anyone and let you spy on them with their username and email. In their site, it is written that you will get full access to any Snapchat account, including messages, videos, photos, stories, and more features.

    Skype Hacking

    Skype is the most widely used video calling app powered by Microsoft. It is believed that it is one of the most secure Video Calling apps over there and IZAuM Hackers says that they will let you spy on any Skype account. Not only this, but you also recover your lost password.

    Twitter Hacking

    This service provides both Hacking and recovery, you can recover the lost password of an exciting Twitter account. Also, they let you choose the desired username.

    Credit Hacking

    Credit Hacking is something weird that you haven’t even heard about. It is shown that they will clear/void your debt records. This is something to increase your Credit Score / Cibil score without completing the previous debts, this might be used to get loans without having proper credibility.

    IP Tracking

    In all of the services, this service sounds legit. If you are being bullied online by someone anonymously, IZAuM Hackers allege that they find the person behind the anonymous posts.

    Websites Hacking

    This is a hacking service to hack into an entire website server. By paying to them, they will Hack a database and extract information and files. It is an illegal activity that might be harmful to the site owner.

    Bitcoin Recovery

    Bitcoin recovery service is to recover your stolen or lost Bitcoin. And if you have made a mistranslation, then can cancel it and get the full amount back.

    Tailored Hacking

    If you haven’t find the listing the service that you want to avail, you can directly contact them regarding your issue, they will get back to you on the possibility of your demanding service. (Probably they always say Yes)

    Above was the list of things explained in short, and all of them sound strange, but it’s still a mystery for you, whether they are genuine? Continue reading to find it out.

    IZAuM Hackers Review

    First of all, They won’t accept Card Payments. You must make a Bitcoin translation to buy any service. And second thing is, they have listed such services which are hard to believe.

    For example, they said they will do cellphone Hacking where you will get control over anyone’s smartphone. But as per the ongoing improvement of Data protection, Privacy, and Security in the smartphone industry, this service is nearly impossible to execute.

    Nowadays, everybody searches for ratings and reviews before buying any kind of stuff. And We have listed some of the user reviews from an external source.

    By looking at the below shown 5-star reviews, you will be surprised that they actually get your job done and all of the Customers are satisfied. But actually, it is not.

    If you search for IZAuM Hackers Reviews, you will either see 5-star or 1-star ratings, not in-between numbers. Most of the reviews are negative and all of them are repeating the same thing, “They stop responding to you after the Bitcoin Payment”.

    Take a look at the below reviews, in which everybody is saying that they are SCAMMERS. Everyone is saying that they won’t respond to you once you make the payment, even in the Pay-on-proof method, first, they show you the proof and once you make a payment, they just block you.

    Below is a story of a person who spent $450 for nothing.

    In SCAMADVISER‘s site, a person shared his experience on how he got scammed by fake Hacking Service Providers and lost his $2330. He contacted 6 different Hacking Service Provides for a task, including IZAuM Hackers, but he found all of them as scammers.

    His experience with IZAuM Hackers was the same as others said, they first asked him to make the payment, and later they disappear.

    IZAuM Hackers Review

    It’s not the final conclusion. The above reviews were from SCAMADVISER.com, and most of them are negative, but on the other hand, if you visit different reviewing sites such as TrustPilot.com, the story turns.

    IZAuM Hackers Trustpilot.com Reviews

    Trustpilot is one of the biggest review sites with an Alexa rank of +/- 350. In that, you will get to see a lot of IZAuM Hackers Reviews. And most of them are positive.

    IZAuM Hackers Reviews Trustpilot
    IZAuM Hackers Reviews stat (Trustpilot)

    Literally, 86% positive feedback is a lot, and also 14% negative reviews are there as well and we will look at some of the recent reviews in this article. The best part of this is, IZAuM Hackers also replied to most of the negative reviews with a legit answer.

    First lets take a look at the IZAuM Hackers positive reviews.

    Below we have added some of the positive reviews of IZAuM Hackers with five-star ratings and will discuss them one-by-one.

    IZAuM Hackers Positve Reviews

    Review 1

    In the above-shown review, the Guy shared his first-time experience with IZAuM Hackers and mentioned that you don’t have to pay a single penny until you receive a valid proof. He said not to believe in fake negative reviews/comments. With confidence, he is recommending IZAuM Hackers and he described that he had a good experience with them and also said that IZAuM Hackers have 24/7 support.

    Review 2

    This guy is a regular Customer for IZAuM Hacker and has ordered many services, he is satisfied and ready to recommend their service.

    Review 3

    Kostya is a verified user by Trustpilot, He shared his experience with them and he is happy that he got the fast Delivery of the service which took less than 3 hours.

    This guy appreciated IZAuM Hackers in the Reviews section. He mentioned that they are very professional and also said that he was having some issues with the payment method but they guided him with a good explanation.

    These were some of the Positive Reviews from Trustpilot.com, but there are plenty of reviews you can read directly from their site.

    Now lets discuss about Negative Reviews

    IZAuM Hackers Negative Reviews

    It got some negative reviews as well on Trustpilot.com, and the best thing is, they replied to many of them. We have shown some negative reviews of IZAuM Hackers and the replies as well.

    IZAuM Hackers Negative Reviews
    Negative Review 1

    Rachel is a verified user who shared her experience with IZAuM Hacker saying that it is a Scam. She placed an order for email hacking whose price was $150 and she alleged that they demanded her for another $100 claiming that the email provided has two-step verification. And she said, she got nothing after the payment.

    The reply for negative review was as above, where IZAuM described their terms and conditions that she breached the maximum time of payment after receiving the proof, in that case, there will be a fine of $100.

    But after the reply of IZAuM Hackers, she updated her Review saying “IZAuM Hackers’ reply to her Review on Trustpilot was just to convince the viewers but actually they are cheaters.”

    Negative Review 2

    Soji is also a verified user who is saying that he still not received the Delivery of the service after the payment.

    For that review, IZAuM Hackers replied to him that the service was successfully done, but they got to know that it was belonging to some learning center. They said they won’t involve in any unethical activities, they tried to contact the Customer to verify whether he is not a criminal, but the Customer hasn’t replied to any of their calls.

    All though there are both negative and positive reviews, but you have to be aware while placing an order at IZAuM. You should make sure that the service you are availing does not harm any individual or organization. Also you don’t have to forget the negative reviews on SCAMADVISER.com


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    4. Please let us be careful of the websites and platforms we go to for help, some website will list names of fake recovery agents or investment companies or fake traders and you won’t fine the names of the ones that scammed you, the website will also referred you to some list of legitimate Recovery companies or trading platforms and you find out that they are scammers after sending them money.

      I stopped trusting all this websites that list names of fake recovery agents when I contacted one from Their list of legitimate Recovery agents and he or they scammed me £650 for Recovery.

      Also after my cousin referred me to Recoverbitcoinscams @ gmail. cm when I lost my bitcoin to a trader around August he said he once used their services to get back his bitcoin from tradeoption or empress earns can’t really remember the name of the fake trading platform. I contacted recoverbitcoinscams and they got back my bitcoin. The most surprising thing was that I found the companies email listed among fake recovery companies.lol. yet I have referred them to a colleague at work and few others and they also got their money Recovered by Recoverbitcoinscams @ gmail . cm . I think some of these websites just copy out different real and fake contacts and list them has fake even though some are legit. They do that to portrait their services and disguise as good website and trustworthy then they suggest Their own fake lists as the real ones 😂. Please let us be careful of these websites, many have fallen victim already.

      • Are you for real?. Zacharysmiths @ techie .com also took Recovery money from.me and stopped replying

    5. I worked with Izaum Hackers. I payed them 300 usd and got a proof before payment. but than they diddnt give me nothing and ask again money 150usd. I didnt give and i asked first a proof video . thay didnt response that. they r cheeters.


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