Google Play services keeps stopping 【100% SOLVED】 – 2020


While opening any of the apps, suddenly it crashes and pops a notification saying “Unfortunately, Google Play Service has stopped” or “Google Play services keeps stopping” and automatically it will take you out of the app.

Google Play services keeps stopping

For some people, it happens after installing any new app from an unknown source for others, it happens because of the non-compatibility of the Google Play services.

For this problem, the best and most worked solution is to update the Google play service, Check, whether there’s a newer version of Google Play service available? If yes, then go ahead and download it, and your problem will be solved instantly.

How to solve Google Play services not working

If the problem still exists, then it will get resolved after clearing up the data of Google Play services.

go to Settings -> Apps -> All Apps -> find Google Play Service there.

  • After opening the App info page of Google play services, click on clear cache.
  • Then click on the Manage Space, which will be on top of the clear cache button (this will redirect you to Google Play services storage management settings page).
  • In the Storage Management Settings, click on Clear Data(Clearing the data will log out your all Gmail account from the System).

After this step, it will fix the issue and stop showing you popup messages such as “Unfortunately, Google Play Service has stopped” or “Google Play services keeps stopping”

If the method also didn’t work, then below are more to try.

This problem is most commonly caused by Samsung j3, j7, and Huawei devices saying that the Google Play Service is not compatible.

Some of the devices won’t come with google play services pre-installed, ZTE, Huawei, Meizu, and others. Take an example of Meizu mobiles. These smartphones are good, but you can’t have a complete google experience, meanwhile, you won’t get Play Store pre-installed to download apps or games.

And if you download any app from an unknown source, then it might get crashed and display a message “Google Play services stopped working”. To overcome this, you can download an app called GMS (Google Mobile Services) or Google App Installer.

Google Play services stopped workingInstalling the GMS app will help you to solve the error Google Play Services keeps stopping. From the app, you can uninstall and reinstall the Google Play Services including the Google Framework. This app automatically detects malfunctions in the g-apps, if there is any damage or malfunction in your Play Services, then this app let you repair it with a single click.

Google Play services keeps stopping

Even after trying these methods if your Google Play Service still isn’t responding, then the problem may be caused by the recently installed third-party app or a system app that might be disabled.

Enabling / Disabling an app in Android

If you recently disabled any system app, then reenable it from Settings -> Apps.

First, make sure the Download Manager is enabled – Because the Download Manger must be enabled to make your system work properly, to install the new version of google play services, you need to have the download manager enabled. If it is disabled, then you won’t be able to update or download any app or file from the internet, so check out and make sure that the download manager is enabled.

The Play Service error might also be caused by a recently installed third-party app. So try uninstalling the recently installed app.

If even after doing this, the problem still exists, then give the last chance, that is Factory Reset.

Factory Reset is also known and Formatting an Android device. This method will erase all system dates including Installed apps, contacts, messages, media, and internal storage from the device. If you don’t know much about recovery mode or factory reset, then please refer to a service center near you, if your mobile is still in warranty, then you will get your mobile get serviced for free and if you don’t have any warranty, then you will be charged a minimum amount.

If you are better aware of the risks of factory reset, then below is the method to reset your device to solve the error “Google Play Services is not supported by your device“.

Factory Reset using Settings

  1. Before beginning to factory reset, make sure the charging of your mobile is above 80%.
  2. Go to -> Settings
  3. Scroll down and click on Storage and Backup(In some mobiles, it is also listed as Backup & Reset).
  4. In the Storage and Backup menu, find and click on the Factory Data Reset option.
  5. Then, agree to the terms that resetting your phone will erase all the date
  6. And click on Start Reset(If you kept password or gesture for screen lock, then just enter it).
  7. This will turn off your phone and erase all your internal storage and will take almost 30 minutes.

Resetting Android using Recovery Mode

  1. Switch off your mobile, and make sure the charging is above 80 percent.
  2. After switching off the mobile, enter into recovery mode by holding Power Button + Volume Up at the same time.
  3. Hold it for more than 3 seconds, this will get you to recovery mode.
  4. In the recovery mode, navigate to Factory Reset(Volume button to move up and down, and power button to select).
  5. Select Factory Reset(This will erase all the data of your phone and make it a new one).

This was a simple procedure that will solve the Google Play service error.

If you have any doubt, feel free to comment down.



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