Lucky Crush mod apk / unlimited time hack 【2022】


    LuckyCrush Live is an 18+ online video chatting platform that randomly connects you to an opposite gender person. Virtual dating has become more popular in the lockdown and demand for these types of services, has increased.

    Lucky Crush mod apk

    Because of the high demand, the subscription charges for LuckyCrush have been raised, and most people cannot afford it. As of now, for a 15 mins video conversation, you need to pay $16.90, $48.90 for 45 mins, and $89.90 for 90 mins.

    Lucky Crush unlimited time hack

    There are other competitor apps as well, such as Coomeet and Chamet, which offers similar service for a lesser price. But Lucky Crush has a higher price tag compared to others. It’s because it is one of the biggest virtual dating services with over 1 million active members from 100+ countries.

    It works on a Talk-Time-based subscription which requires registration to use. The first time sign-up is simple, you just have to enter your email, username, and password, next it will directly take you to the payments page.

    After a successful payment, you will have access to video chat with others, but for a heck of knowledge, the LuckyCrush mod apk will also do the same job, for free.

    Lucky Crush Mod Apk

    Lucky Crush mod apk is available to download on the internet, this is the hacked version. The Lucky Crush hack is available for android devices and will let you video chat with the opposite gender, for free.

    You can download the lucky crush mod app from the below link, but beware of viruses. Most of the mod apps contain viruses that may harm/brick your device.


    Declaration: The mod app is not hosted/published by

    LuckyCrush Unlimited Time Hack

    The hack version allows you to use the service for an unlimited amount of time without the need of installing a third-party app, it is safe and easy.

    Lucky Crush premium accounts

    Use these following accounts IDs to video chat.

    Humble request to all, Please don’t change the passwords, let others also use the service.

    These IDs have a 6-month premium. After logging in please don’t change the password so that everyone can use it. If any of the ID is not working comment it, we will look after that.

    [email protected]Icanhackanything*894L6(-0=+
    [email protected]444wwneededbZzx89+
    [email protected]HennymayerHenny69
    [email protected]BritishguyBritishguy69
    [email protected]Sermon_laira123456
    [email protected]Gormon-raut123456
    [email protected]Alex-floppy123456

    Note: the above-given login credentials aren’t pirated, these are intentionally provided by the users to help others to be able to use Lucky Crush live. So that they can stay safe at home in this pandemic.



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