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As Android is becoming more and more secure, it became hard for hackers to gain access to anybody’s phone. But an app called Flexispy can get the job done for you.

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Spying and peeking into anyone’s private life is illegal, but this is a parental control app that allows you to track and monitor your kid’s/employees activity.

Several other apps in the market do the same job, such as XNSPY and others. But they are only limited to Android and iOS. Whereas Flexispy is more powerful and supports cross-platform.

Flexispy is a legal service, but most of the anti-virus blocks it from opening due to its malicious behavior. Flexispy is marketed as “The World’s Most Powerful Spy App for Android“.

There are other easy ways as well to Spy on an Android device without installing a 3rd Party App, which works perfectly, but it doesn’t have a dedicated dashboard and you have to track each activity manually.

Flexispy APK

Flexispy offers multiple services, including

  • Spy on Android
  • iPhone or iPad tracking
  • PC and Mac Monitoring
  • Record/Listen to live calls

Spy on Android

In Android Spy, you can track, monitor, or view the live screen of the user. You will have whole control over the device of your kid/employee.

iPhone or iPad tracking

When it comes to Privacy and Security iOS is #1, but Flexispy has the ability to break through the Security and track the device.

This service is the same as Spy on Android but for iOS devices.

PC and Mac Monitoring

In this service, you can virtually access or spy on any Windows or Mac PC. Since Windows and Mac are not as Secure as Linux, it is an easy task to gain control over it.

Record/Listen to live calls

As per privacy regulation, the call recording feature on Android is removed. And the third-party apps are also no longer useful because Android only permits only 1 app at a time to use the mic. But with Flexispy, you can listen or record the live calls.

Along with these virtual services, they also sell physical products such as,

  • Hidden Camera
  • GPS Tracker
  • FlexiSPY pre-installed handset, and more.

Hidden Camera

When it comes to hidden cameras, you might be thinking of a camera nano-camera with a dead cell in it. But you are wrong. Flexispy has hidden the camera in other things that we use on daily basis, such as Weather Clock, Coffee Cup, NoteBook, TV Remote, Car Key, WiFi Router, etc.

And surprisingly, you can’t find where the camera is located. If still not believing, then see the below images and tell us where the camera is hidden.

  • Weather Clock hidden camera
  • Car Key Hidden Camera
  • NoteBook camera
  • Remote spy camera
  • Spy Camera
  • Coffee Cup camera

GPS Tracker

GPS is already available on all smartphones, moreover, you want an additional GPS tracker, then Felxispy is here. They also sell Micro GPS trackers that you can mount on anybody and track them.

Flexispy Pre-Installed Phone

The installation of Flexispy apk is very easy, but even there are some people who find it difficult, and to make it easy, Flexispy Pre-installed phones are been sold with an express Delivery.

Among all these services, the Flexispy Android app is the most popular. The Flexispy spying app for android works on a subscription-based service. But Flexispy mod apk with all plans unlocked is rolling out on the internet.

Flexispy app allows you to track and monitor any smartphone and gives access to all of the social media apps and other sensitive details. And you can do all the following tasks when connected to any Android phone.

  • Listen To Surroundings
  • Listen To Live Phone Calls
  • Track live Locations
  • Spy Chatting Apps
  • Gain access to Contacts
  • Spy on browsing history
  • Access camera virtually
  • View Media Files

The app lets you gain full control over any other smartphone, you can view their chats, access WhatsApp, view phone media files, track live location, listen to live calls, and much more.

You can monitor an Android phone through the web application, the interface is so clean and simple. On the Dashboard itself, you will get to see all of the features.

Flexispy mod apk
This is how the dashboard looks like

Download Flexispy APK

Below is the Download for Flexispy APK, it is available for both rooted and non-rooted phones.


If you search on the internet for the Flexispy mod app, you probably get a bunch of results, but it is recommended to download it from the above link.


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