Is Roblox Safe for Kids – All You Need to know【2020】


Is Roblox Safe for Kids

Is Roblox Safe for Kids
Is Roblox Safe for Kids

For parents who are wondering whether Roblox is safe for their kids or not, first of all, you need to know what is Roblox. Roblox is a gaming platform where you will find thousands of games to play. The games you find in Roblox are not created by the company itself, but by the end-users who is passionate to create Digital Games.

The Roblox games are created with its own Gaming Engine called Roblox Studio which is available for both Windows and Mac. With this, you can create games for multiple platforms such as Smartphones, Tablets, Consoles, and Desktops.

If your kid is engaged with Game Development and you are thinking whether it is safe for him/her, then you should not consider it as a safe, but also a blessing. This will help your child to imagine beyond and gives them the ability to work in other 3D environmental tools such as Unity and Unreal.

Your kid can lead a wonderful life without any financial worry because, in Roblox games, they can include in-app purchases that make them earn real money. Roblox has a different currency to spend in-app, it is known as Robux. The Robux currency has to be purchased with real money and it has a currency exchange rate of  $ 0.0035/R$. For example, if any user purchases R$100,000 then he has to pay $350.

What if your kid is not a Developer but a Gamer

If your kid is busy in Gaming rather than creating one, it might not be harmful to him/her. As e-sports are replacing outdoor games, Roblox has many interactive role-playing games that are engaging and attracts kids. Such as Adopt Me, MeepCity, Jailbreak, Royale High, Murder Mystery 2, Work at a Pizza Place, Welcome to Bloxburg, Prison Life, and many others.

There are several games which are not harmful at all and you don’t need to worry about your kid. But if your kid is addicted to some of those, then they might start doing in-app purchases and your Credit/Debit cart will be empty in no time.

Roblox has games suitable for all age players, and the conclusion for Parents who are thinking is Roblox safe for Kids. In Roblox, there are several games that contain Gunfire, Violence, Blood effect, and horror behaviors which can be harmful to your child, and addiction to In-app purchases is not be good for them.

Roblox Virus

For the query Is Roblox Safe for Kids, it is not that harmful but a Computer virus is spreading all over. A malicious trojan horse virus is spreading and named as Roblox Virus, which is used to generate Robux currency. But actually it is a malicious virus that may affect your computer.

As a parent, you can teach your kid to search for promo codes, rather than buying them. For example, if you want Robux currency to spend in Adopt Me game, then you can simply search for “Roblox adopt me codes” you will get a lot of listing for the matching keyword on Google.

If you don’t want to search for any codes and you are ready to pay from your pocket to gain Robux, you might doubt is Roblox Chinese and is Roblox safe for kids. Then below is the brief intro about Roblox ownership.

Is Roblox Chinese

Day-by-Day Chinese apps and Games found harmful, China’s major Apps and Games such as TikTok and PUBG are banned in India considering them as a security threat

Some people don’t want to invest/pay to any Chinese company, some do this because of their regional reasons, and some for their personal reason and when it comes to knowing is Roblox Chinese. The answer is No!

You might start doubting Is Roblox Safe for Kids, but Roblox is owned by American entrepreneur David Baszucki. He is the founder and CEO of the company and he also does play Roblox game and his username Roblox is builderman.

If you had any doubt about whether your kid is interacting with any Chinese app, no need to worry because it an American company and you can pay to them without worrying about the region.

Is Roblox a dying game?

Unlike Blue Whale and Memo, Roblox is not a dying game, it is just a gaming platform where you can imagine with your friends and family. You will find n number of games to play in the app and you have to choose which one best suits you. But one thing is clear that it is not a life challenging game.

As a parent, if you are planning to play Roblox along with your kid, then the recommended game is Hide and Seek.

Roblox Hide and Seek

The Roblox Hide and Seek has over 4+ million active players and the Game concept is very easy. As the name suggests, in this game one has to hide and the other player has to find him.

In this game, as real-life Hide and Seek you don’t need to hide behind any shelter, rather you will have to hide your identity by changing your avatar or character.

"In the beginning, one player gets chosen to be 'It'. 'It' has to try and find the other players. 'It' will not spawn with his default character, but he will spawn with the 'It' character that he has equipped. Every 'It' character has a special ability that he can use to help him catch the other players."

This game has in-app purchase where you can spend your Robux to buy/change characters. In a single match, you can add up to 14 members on a private server. You can play this game along with 13 more members.

Why Roblox is Dangerous for kids

More than Danger, we can call it as an unsecured. Roblox is not as secure as other games or apps do, in this game, you have to use a sudo name instead of your original one. You can create an account without any email or Phone number, but it just ask you to complete the verification, that’s it.

Later you can link your email or phone with it, but the worst thing about Roblox is, if you haven’t linked an email or phone and you forgot your password, then it is nearly impossible to recover it.

So many hackers over there trying to hack Roblox users’ accounts by using the Roblox Password Guessing technique.

Risks of Playing Roblox

It will be a huge loss to you if your account has been hacked and you have purchased a lot of Robux and forgot to link your email or Phone. We advise you to keep your kid’s Roblox account safe linked with any email or phone.

Roblox Username for Boys

As Roblox recommends you to keep a sudo name instead of your original one, and below are some of the names that you can shuffle/combine and use them as a username.

You can combine the following words to create a username and also can include numbers if needed.

Ex: Bridgecage007 (in this, 2 words are combined, “Bridge” and “cage” and to make it more secure added a fancy number 007)

alternatively, you can use ready-made tools to generate Roblox username.

alphabet already also although altogether always a.m amazed amazing 
ambition ambulance among amount amusing an ancient at present attach 
attack attemptattend attention attitude attract attraction attractive audience 
aunt authorautumn available averageapproachapprove architect architecture 
area argue argument arm armchair army around arrange arrangement 
arrest arrivalarrive art articleartist as ashamed ask 
asleep aspirin assistantbathtub battery battle baybeachbean
bearbeardbeat beautifulbeauty because become bed bedroom 
bee beef beforebegin beginner beginning behave behaviourbehind 
believe bellbelong belowbelt benefit be over breathbreathe
breezebride bridgebrief bright brilliant bring cabbage cabin 
cabinetcable cafe/cafe cafeteria cage cake calculatorcalendarcalf 
calm camel cameracamp camping campsite can coolcopy
corn corner correct correction cost costumedaily damage damaged 
dance dancer dancingdanger dangerous dark differencedifferent difficult 
difficulty dig digital digital camera dining room dinner dinosaurdiplomadirect 
directiondirectly director dirt dirty disabled disadvantage disagree disappear 
disappoint disappointed disappointing disappointment date elderelderly electionelectric 
electrical electricityelectronic elementary elephantelevatorelse email embarrassed 
embarrassing embassy emergencyemploy employee employer employment empty encourage 
end endingend upenergyengagedengine engineer engineering enjoy 
enormous enoughenquiryenter entertain entertainmfarm farmer farming 
fashion fashionable fast fasten fast food fat father fault favour 
favourite fax fearfee feed feel feeling feel like game
gap garage gardengamegap garage garden garlic gas 
gas station petrol stationgate general generally guard guess guest guest-house 
guide guidebook guilty guitar guitarist gum hitchhike hobby hockey
hold hold up hole holiday home homepage homeworkhonest honestly
honey honeymoon hope hopeful hopefullyinclude includingincorrectincrease 
incredible indeed independentindividual indoor indoors industryin fact inform 
information in front jacket jailjam jar jazz jealous jeans 
jet jewelleryjob jog joggingjoin kill kilogrammekilometre 
kindkingkisskit kitchen label laboratory lack ladder 
lady lake lamb lamp land landscape languagelaptop large
last late lately machine mad Madam magazine magic magnificent
mail main main coursemake make sure make-up maleman manage 
manager mangomanymap mark market negative neighbour neighbourhood 
nephew nervous net network never new news newspaper next 
next tonice niece opportunity opposite option or orange orchestra 
order ordinary organisation organise original other otherwise oughtour 
ours ourselves out outdoor passport password past pasta path 
patient pattern pause pavement payPC peapeace peaceful 
peach peak peanut qualification qualifiedquality quantity quarter queen 
question discussed questionnairequeue quick quickly quiet realisticreally
reason reasonablereasonably rebuildreceiptreceive recent reception receptionist 
recipe recogniserecommend relaxation relaxedreliablereligionremain remember 
remind remote control removerent repair repeatreplacereply scarf
scaryscenesceneryschool schoolchild science science fiction scientificscientist 
scissors scooter score scream screen sculpture sea searchseaside
season seatseat belt secondtechniquetechnology teenager telephone television 
tensetent term terrible terribly terrific terrified testtext 
textbook text message than thank thanks thank you that unit unkind 
unknown unimportant uninterested uninteresting universe university unless unlikey unlucky 
unnecessary unpack unpleasantuntilunusualunwellunderlineunderneathunderpants
understandunderwearundress unemployed unemployment unexpected valleyvaluablevalue
van vanillavarietyvarious vase vegetable vegetarian vehiclevery
vet via video wild wildlife will willing win wind 
windowwindscreen windsurfing windywing winnerwisewishxebec
year yellowyes yesterday yet yoga yoghurtzebrazoo


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