Business VPN vs Personal VPN – All you need to know


Confused about Business VPN vs Personal VPN, and curious to know what is difference between them. You are at the right place.

Business VPN vs Personal VPN
Business VPN vs Personal VPN

Virtual Private Network creates a tunnel between the client and the server. Whenever you browse the internet, it will show the server IP instead of your original one.

Business VPN is used by organizations to provide internet access to its employees whereas the Personal VPN is used by an individual to surf the internet securely and unlock the regions.

Personal VPN

Personal VPN
Personal VPN

Personal VPN, also known as Public VPN, connects you any of the servers from a list provided by your VPN Provider.

In a Personal VPN, the user has to pay some subscription charges to get access. And It will be used to unlock the regions. For example, some sites might be blocked in your country, but you can access them by virtually changing your Country with the help of VPN.

In China, all of the globally used sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other services are banned and the great firewall of China will never let you access any of those. If you are traveling to China, carrying a VPN is a must. Because you won’t be able to use the services that you regularly do, but by using a VPN it is possible. While traveling in China, you can virtually change the country and browse the forbidden sites.

This is also used to stream Netflix. In Netflix, some videos are only licensed to a specific country and may not be available in your region, but with the help of a VPN, you can easily access the content of other countries.

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Business VPN

Business VPN
Business VPN

Business VPNs are used in corporate sectors and are also known as and Private VPNs. Business VPNs are often self-hosted and provide login credentials to the employees to connect to their server. Here you directly connect to your Company’s server rather than any third-party server.

It is used to remotely access the organization’s confidential file, but with an extra layer of protection, it will stop the hackers from accessing the server. It can only be accessed with valid login credentials.

What is the difference between Business VPN and Personal VPN

  • Personal VPN is used to bypass the country
  • Subscription based service
  • Can be installed on any device

  • Business VPN is used to remotely access a company’s files
  • Free and Paid, both the options are available.
  • Installed on a Server, and supports less cross-platform

Well, Personal VPN is about an individual’s privacy, which he uses to protect his personal life. But the Business VPN is used to protect the Company’s data and keep it secure. In Business VPN, an individual’s privacy really doesn’t matter, if you are connected to your company’s VPN and browsing something personal, everything can be monitored by your employer.

You can commit all the activities when connected to a Personal VPN, but be aware when connected to a Business VPN, because your employer can monitor you and your job may fall at risk.

What is common among them

There are several differences in the use cases, but in the end, they both are VPNs and runs on the same protocol, and offer the same Security.

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