How to save WhatsApp Status without downloading any app


WhatsApp introduced a status uploading feature and everyone is addicted to it. Every person will upload a status about the places wherever they go, and some people upload video songs according to their mood.

In your contact list, someone will upload a photo or video as their status that will be for only 24 hours. You may like that status and you want to save it but there is no option to save in WhatsApp. For that purpose, you may ask them to send that status or you will install a status saver to save them.

If you install an alternative app that will also consume some memory from your mobile phone. So, here is the best way to save status without downloading any other app.

Here you can follow these steps to save WhatsApp Status 

Step 1: Watch the WhatsApp Status.

Step 2: Go to the file manager and open the file WhatsApp.

WhatsApp file

Step 3: There you find 3 dots at the top right side click on that and enable show hidden files (if only it is disabled).

enable show hidden files

Step 4: After enabling show hidden files, click on media.

click on media

Step 5: There at the bottom, you can find .Statuses click this .Statuses you can see all the WhatsApp Status of your contact list.


Now, which you want to save you can copy wherever you want or else you can directly upload to your status.

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If you don’t want to follow these steps and want to install any other app here are the links


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