Essential phone 2 looks like the tallest in the world


In the era of huge competition between smartphone companies, where every brand is bringing new innovative technologies to their mobile phones, Essential is also bringing something special to you.

In 9to5Google a statement was published that the company confirmed it’s “been working on a new device that is now in the early testing stage with our team outside the lab. We look forward to sharing more in the near future.”

The owner and CEO of Essential phone company Andy Rubin exposed the prototype of the new Essential Phone, it is alleged that it is the Essential Phone 2.

colorful essential phone 2

The above image is the back design of the upcoming phone and we can assume that the other manufacturers can also follow this design concept. As seen in the image the phone is going to have a single camera on the back and the fingerprint sensor looks quite different compared to other smartphones.

Right now the four colors of the smartphone are exposed and it has a glass back and with gradient finish.

New operating system of essential phoneWhen you see the first image, it looks like that it is the tallest phone in the world. But it’s not when you see the hands-on images the seem vertically around 5 inches.Tallest phone in the world Andy is showing the all-new User Interface of the phone that is completely different and unique compared to others, and on the front the selfie camera is located at the top left corner of the mobile. Other specifications and release dates are still not confirmed and at last, the design is identical.


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