Google Pixel 3 OIS facing an issue while video recording


Doe’s Google Pixel 3 OIS really facing an issue ??

Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are debatably the best smartphone cameras currently available in the market, all thanks to the company’s software algorithm. However, Pixel users have always had a few complaints regarding the sluggish camera app, long loading times, and photos not being saved to camera rolls, among others. These flaws certainly undermine an otherwise capable camera setup. Although Google has been pushing software updates regularly, things still remain more or less the same. Adding to the list of issues is the new faulty OIS, as reported by Reddit user Jamey.

According to the video posted by the user(not available here), Pixel 3’s camera user interface can be seen flickering throughout the duration of the video, suggesting that the camera’s hardware could be at fault. While it is possible that the flickering could be because of an incoming notification or a call while recording, the Reddit user clarified that it was not the case. This leads us to believe that the Pixel 3’s OIS actuator might have failed as it is responsible for stabilizing the flickering while recording videos. The only solution for the issue seems to be a camera replacement as this is a hardware related issue.

However, the OIS issue seems to be very limited at the moment as only a handful of users seem to corroborate with the video posted, and Google hasn’t acknowledged the issue yet. If the issue turns out to be widespread, Google’s sorrows with the Pixel phones seem never-ending and we hope the company checks all the boxes before launching the Pixel 4 series later this year.


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