How to Rip or Extract Video / Music – Free and Fast

In this thread, we explained, how to Extract or Rip, Music / Video from any site or app.
Before beginning, first, let us explain, how to rip CD / DVD.

How to Rip a CD

If you have a Compact Disc, and you are unable to copy the media files from the CD into your Computer / Laptop, then follow these steps.

How to Rip CD in Windows 7

Extracting media files from a CD is very easy. All you need is a working DVD reader / Writer.

Step 1:

Insert the CD that you want to Rip.

Step 2:

Open Windows Media Player (Go to Start, and search for Windows Media Player)

Windows Media Player copying CD

Step 3:

Once you open the Windows Media Player, you will see all the drives are listed on the left side of the screen. And from there you have to select your CD. After selecting your CD, it will show all the tracks available on the album.

CD album in Windows Media player

Step 4:

You have to select all the tracks that you want to copy in your Computer or Laptop. Once done, Go to OrganizeOptions → Click on Rip Music tab → then, change the Music extraction location.
In the same tab, you can also adjust the Music Quality(ex: 128 kbps, 192 kbps, and etc.), moreover, you can change the output format to MP3 where you will be able to Rip high-quality audio(320 kbps).
How to Rip CD in Windows 7

Step 5:

After you made a selection of all songs and customized settings, click on the Rip CD button.
The above method was to Rip CD from windows 7, and below is an all-new method do Rip CD from Windows 10.

How to Rip CD in Windows 10

Copying media files from CD to Laptop in Windows 10 is easier than Windows 7. You have to follow the same steps explained above, to Rip CD in Windows 10 but it does the job faster than Windows 7.

How to Rip DVD

Below is the procedure to copy a DVD into your computer or laptop.

How to Rip DVD on Windows 10

Extracting media files from a DVD is quite different compared to CD. For this, you have to download VLC media player. There are many other ways to Rip a DVD, but VLC does it in an easy way.

After installing VLC media player on your computer, follow these steps to copy files from DVD to Computer / Laptop.

Step 1:

Insert the DVD that you want to Copy.

Step 2:

Open VLC media player, and press Ctrl + R (Alternatively, you can also navigate to Media, then select Convert / Save).

How to rip DVD on Windows 10


Step 3:



Now, from the Open Media window, switch to Disc tab.

How to Copy songs from DVD to Laptop

Step 4:

From several options, you have to select the DVD checkbox. And you have selected the proper CD that you want to Rip.

Step 5:

After customizing all the settings, click on the Convert / Save button, and this will ask you to browse and select the destination location. Once you decided and selected the exact location where you want to save the extracted files, hit the Start button.
Now your DVD is being copied.

image source

How to Rip DVD on Mac

Below is how to Rip DVD on Mac.

First, download and Install HandBrake software.

Now download libdvdcss – this will allow you to Rip DVD on Mac.

Insert your DVD, and open it with HandBrake software.

From there, you can adjust export settings, file size, and location.

And last, click the Start button, and the Rip process will start.


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