RTX Laptops under 1 lakh

Best RTX Gaming Laptop under 1 lakh – 【2022】

RTX Gaming laptops are way more expensive than GTX, and Rs. 1 lakh is a huge amount, so before investing your hard-earned...
Graphic card drivers

NVIDIA Game Ready Driver vs Studio Driver【Performence Difference】

NVIDIA GPUs perform at their best when you install the right drivers. Basically, there are 2 types of Drivers, Game Ready and...

How to turn OFF/ON the Cortana in Windows 10

Someone may be disturbed or irritated by Cortana and wants to turn OFF this feature in their Laptops, computers. But some people want this...

2022 – Best budget Laptop under Rs. 30,000($432)

This is the one and only best budget gaming laptop under Rs 25,700
why scroll lock is used

Why Scroll Lock is used in Keyboard

Earlier the concept of the Scroll Lock button was easy, it was intended to prevent the scrolling of the screen with just...
How to Rip CD in Windows 7video

How to Rip or Extract Video / Music – Free and Fast

Table of Content How to Rip a CD How to Rip CD in Windows 7 How to Rip CD in Windows 10 How to...
Mouse not working in Laptop solution

Mouse not working in Laptop – 100% solved in One Click【2020】

Mouse not working in Laptop Mouse in a laptop is called as a TouchPad, and if it is not working, then the touchpad might be...
Android versions from a

Android versions from A to R [2020 Updated]

Android is the world's most used Operating System in Smartphones, they give codename to its versions with deserts' name. Currently, 17 different Android versions...
Android Videoder

Videoder for Android, Windows, and Mac – 2020

YouTube is the #1 platform to watch videos online, Once you open YouTube it will recommend you seamless content that is fully...
t mobile 5G in us

T Mobile network frequencies bands in the United States

T Mobile is the 3rd largest cellular network company of the United States and it has over 83.1 million users. The T Mobile GoSmart...