Huawei HDC.2019 Developer Conference will open on August 9th


Huawei’s official website today issued an invitation to the 2019 Developer Conference, HDC.2019, announcing that Huawei developers will be officially held in Songshan Lake, Dongguan, China from August 9th to August 11th.

This is the first-ever official developer conference by Huawei in headquarters and in this conference, Huawei will make several decisions and moreover, there will be more than 200 themed sessions and will be attained by around 1500 industry partners of Huawei, as well as about 5000 global developers.

According to the reports, this developer conference consists of three parts:

1.keynote speech

2.technical forum


Among them, the technical forum covers a lot of content such as smart home, sports health, smart travel, EMUI, Huawei mobile services, etc. Codelabs provides technical expert guidance, tutorials, and hands-on coding experience to let you know the latest top technologies of Huawei.

The events will be like this, On the 9th of August afternoon, the conference will start with the keynote speech in Dongguan Basketball Center at the intersection of Dongguan Eastern Express Road and Songshan Lake Avenue in Liaobu Town, Dongguan City.


From August 10th Technical Forum will begin this includes discussion and live demos to the following subjects. Huawei Xiliubeipo Village, Huanhu Road, Dongguan City. This will continue until August 11.

  • Smart home
  • Sports Health
  • Smart Travel
  • Huawei Music
  • Huawei Video
  • EMUI
  • Huawei App Gallery
  • Smart Assistant
  • AR/VR
  • Huawei Pay
  • Huawei Mobile Services
  • Huawei Theme
  • Huawei Browser
  • Ecological marketing
  • Huawei Developer Alliance

From August 10 to August 11 there will discussion of Codelabs they are

  • Huawei HiAi
  • Model Arts
  • Fast Apps
  • App Gallery Connect
  • Huawei AR Engine
  • Fast service intelligence platform
  • Theme
  • Smart home
  • Sports Health

For everyone who cares about 5G and Huawei self-developed system Hongmeng OS, many rumors have long believed that everyone knows a lot. And just after Mr. Ren Zhengfei was interviewed by the French media, he also revealed that the “Hongmeng system will not be used on mobile phones .” Therefore, when Huawei Mate30 and Hongmeng OS arrive, it deserves our attention.

At that time, the first #HDC2019# Huawei Developer Conference will be held from August 9th to August 11th at the Songshan Lake Base in Dongguan.

In this conference, Huawei introduces its self developed Harmony OS.


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