Best Free Anonymous Website Hosting 【2022】


Hosting a site involves many steps, and it is even difficult to host any site anonymously.

If you intend to do blogging and earn money, then hosting a site anonymously will not help you. Anonymous sites will have a .onion extension that can’t be opened on Chrome.

If you still insist to get a .onion domain and host a site, then you can get anonymous website hosting on the Darkweb. Instead, you want to start blogging and looking for free website hosting while hiding your identity, you are at the right place.

Best Free Anonymous Website Hosting

The following website hostings are not completely anonymous, but still, you can easily host a site by hiding your identity by using pseudo mail ID.

1. InfinityFree


InfinityFree is the best free website hosting site. Here you’ll not only get free hosting but also get a free domain name. Other free hosting sites will show their ads on your site, but not with InfinityFree.

It is the world’s fastest free website hosting out there and has no hidden fees. Also, you will get cPanel with your free hosting. And the best part is, you don’t have to enter any card details to host a website, that way you can maintain your anonymity.

2. 000webhost by Hostinger


Hostinger is the most popular website hosting service, and for starters, they introduced a free version of web hosting with 300MB Disc space, 3GB bandwidth, and free SSL.

The SSL is not officially mentioned on the product page, but you can get Cloudflare’s free SSL which is compatible with your free hosting.

It is also completely free without any gimmick, and it comes with a cPanel and supports MySQL and PHP.

And Hostinger also doesn’t ask you to enter any credit/debit card details, which helps you to hide your identity.

3. FreeWHA

Best free anonymous website hosting

FreeWHA also known as Free Web Hosting Area is one of the best hosting sites with up 1.5GB of disc space. Other free hosting providers will limit you to around 300MB, but the FreeWHA will give you a whopping 1500MB of storage.

You can’t believe that even in the free plan along with MySQL and PHP you will also get 24/7 support, daily/weekly backup, and more.

Along with benefits, there are also some rules. You cannot publish illegal content, and your activity will be monitored by the moderators, which you may not feel comfortable with. But still, you can host your website anonymously for free.

4. Free Hosting


As the name suggests, it is a lifetime free hosting service, and the features will blow your mind. Even in the free plan, you will get a 10GB disc space, Email Account, cPanel, and more.

You might get confused, about why anyone is offering such a thing for free. Well! there are some drawbacks.

You cannot host a site with a free domain extension, you must buy a domain name from them. Also, subdomains are not supported here, stating most of their users using it for phishing.

If you are complying with their conditions, you are good to go. As you are not only looking for free hosting, also seeking anonymity, well, it’s accessible with TOR.

5. AwardSpace

Award Space is one of the free web hosting services with good features. It is similar to other free hostings above, but the only difference is, you can host up to 4 websites at a time.

Also, it’s adfree and has 24/7 support for the free plan. The business model of AwardSpace is when a user is getting more traffic and if they feel the free plan is insufficient, then they can upgrade to the paid ones.

The above-listed sites provide you free anonymous website hosting facility, but it doesn’t mean your identity is not being leaked. So, make sure to learn how to access the dark web safely.


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