Best budget Quad Driver earphones 【2022】


    What is Quad Driver and why it is so important? Well, Before that first we need to understand what is a Driver in Earphones? – It is the most important element that exists inside an earphone that produces sound, meanwhile, it converts the electrical signals into sound waves.

    And Quad Driver earphones are a special kind of headphones, and they are operated by four sets of drivers. In that, each earbud contains four separate speakers.

    Having a larger drive increases the loudness and quality of the earphones, and having more drivers leads in handling wider frequency range, that helps to reduce distortion while hearing the music.

    Best Quad Driver earphones

    1MORE Quad Driver earphone

    One More Quad Driver headphones
    One More Quad Driver headphones

    1More is a trusted brand by millions, and 1MORE Quad Driver has four drivers in which 1 is Dynamic Driver and the other three are Armatured Drivers.

    This is a Wired In-ear headphone that works with both Android an iOS which is truly made for music lovers and ideal for traveling.

    Features of 1More Quad Driver earphone

    Crystal Structure for Accuracy – The 1More Quad Driver comes in a lightweight crystalline structure transfers every sound wave without distortion. Experience immaculate defined audio.

    Engineered Ergonomically to Perfection – The Quad Driver operates earbuds that feature a 45-degree oblique ear fitting. A great tweak as the earbuds go deep inside your ear canal and stay fit in place.

    Powered by Four Drivers – It gives you the best music listening experience with the help of four speakers. The four drivers have been specifically designed and dedicated to delivering silky highs, detailed mids, and deep bass. Earphone’s each driver has a triple layer diaphragm with aerospace grade metal. Expertly tuned by Grammy Award Winning sound engineer, Luca Bignardi, the Quad Driver’s deliver a precise representation of your favorite music.

    Shure SE846

    Shure SE846 Quad Driver earphones transparent version
    Shure SE846 Quad Driver earphones transparent version

    Shure SE846 is yet another quad driver earphone with colored and as well as the transparent build quality, Great Sound Quality, and works as both Wired and Wireless with Bluetooth 5.0 communication system and 3.5mm standard jack.

    Features of Shure SE846

    Immersive audio – It builds with Sound Isolating design that eliminates noise and keeps your listening experience natural.

    Comfort fit – Shure provides a complete fit kit of custom sleeves that makes the earphones unique. Even if you are participating in a marathon race, it’s comfort fitting design stays securely in ears.

    Sound Adjustment – An adjustable frequency response puts you in control. Select the perfect sound signature for every situation with a removable metal nozzle and changeable inserts.

    Premium Outlook – All premium components and cables are meant to be professional, performance-level wear and tear.

    Compatible with all devices – A single set of Shure earphones fits every situation. The SE846 includes Bluetooth 5 and two 3.5mm connection options, one with communication capabilities and one without. Additional lightning and USB-C cables are available separately for premium connectivity for iOS and Android devices.

    Meizu LIVE

    Meizu LIVE quad driver headphones
    Meizu LIVE quad driver headphones

    Nowadays Meizu is known as a smartphone brand, but it has been in the audio industry for the past 15 years. Meizu LIVE is a quad driver earphone with great looking style and protected with IPX7 rated waterproof case. It is the best in budget four-speaker earphone with true noise cancellation engineering.

    Features of Meizu LIVE

    “Made for music” experience – Music is a creation of sounds, and Meizu’s audio engineers value the uniqueness of each melody and strive to render even minute details and changes in it.
    A limited frequency produces richer warm feeling.

    Transparent body – Meizu LIVE earphones feature an ergonomically-engineered design. The wrap-around structure prevents auscultation effects while balancing stability with a snug fit, making it usable on different occasions. Meizu’s designers also made a bold choice in applying unique transparent case combined with a metallic body, revealing the interior components in a complete structure that allows you to “see” the sound.

    True sound with Knowles Quad-Driver – Using Knowles high-resolution moving iron for the sound units, and equipped with two custom-made heavy bass units to enhance the low frequencies, and a mid-frequency unit and a high-frequency unit to enrich the details and layering of those frequencies, Meizu LIVE earphones deliver incredible live sound.

    Precision engineering, accurate reproduction – To achieve better audio performance, Meizu LIVE uses a complex internal structure with a highly optimized three-way circuit. The tri-band convergence is brilliantly accurate and captures precise sound dynamics. As a result, the overall sound quality is full and balanced, especially when rendering vocals.

    Dual-channel audio system – The Meizu Live has a carefully-designed split-type audio transmission structure, utilizing a moving iron subwoofer and mid- and high-frequency moving iron units with independent metal sound tubing to achieve superior sound separation and imaging.

    Customization kit – Same as Shure, Meizu also offers three unique nozzle replacement kits for Meizu LIVE
    for three different sound qualities: balanced, bright and full.
    With a varied parameter up to 4 dB, you can find the style that perfectly suits your music.

    Other – Meizu LIVE is made of OFC wiring for clearer sound, a detachable cable for true music lovers, and comes with a metallic IPX7 protection case.

    Alldocube F40

    Alldocube introducing Quad Driver Nanofiber diaphram In-ear headphones Alldocube F40, it is another cheapest quad driver earphone.

    Alldocube f40
    Alldocube music poster

    Features of Alldocube F40

    Audio Adjustment – Non-destructive, Fine-tuned Acoustic, Profound Audio Experience. ALLDOCUBE F40 believes the fine adjustment is the core of multi-driver earphones, and you can experience a fully balanced and precise soundstage with shimmering detail across a wide range of frequencies.

    Deep Bass – The balance of the power and the sense of impact is what we need in the bass, and ALLDOCUBE F40 produces deep punchy bass, just in the right way.

    Custom FLT K3 – Exclusive Custom FLT K3 Handles Ultra High Frequency Three dynamic drivers and one separate balanced armature with a proprietary acoustic design deliver an extremely accurate listening experience with unsurpassed dynamic power and clarity.

    Noise cancellation – Neckband-style Earphone With Natural Turquoise Cover, ALLDOCUBE F40 believes in natural texture with the use of unique patterns from nature. The anti-oxidation copper core around the neck keeps the vibration isolated from your ears.

    Erjigo KZ ZS6

    Quad Driver earphone erjigo KZ ZS6
    Quad Driver earphone erjigo KZ ZS6

    KZ ZS6 is a Quad Driver earphone with four drivers in which 2 are Dynamic Driver and another two are Armatured Drivers. It comes with a V-shaped sound signature with replaceable 2 pin cables and has a tangle-free wire.

    Features of Erjigo KZ ZS6

    8 Driver Configuration – The New KZ ZS6 is integrated with 2 dynamic driver units and 2 balanced armature units for each side of the earpieces. These give you a wider frequency range with abundant sound details.

    Immersive Sound Effect – These IEMs have a 7 – 40KHz super wide frequency range that offers both sound fields and captures every detail which leads to an impressive sound effect. The 3-stage acoustic air export vents increase the sound pressure for a powerful sound.

    Westone W40 Quad Driver Universal Fit Noice-Isolating In-ear earphones

    The Quad-Driver Westone W40 earphone will take your listening experience to an entirely new level. It has four balanced armature drivers and a three-way crossover network deliver breathtaking clarity and realistic sound quality. Westone’s True-Fit technology provides superior ergonomics and comfort.

    Features of Westone W40 quad driver earphone

    Westone True-Fit Technology – 50+ years experience with in-ear applications has yielded a low profile, a lightweight, universal earpiece that delivers maximum comfort and in-ear coupling for dynamic transfer of sound.

    Replaceable Cable – same as Shure and other earphones, it also has replaceable cable connection including braided epic cable and round MFI cable with 3-button control and mic.

    Cheapest Quad Driver earphones


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