Treasure of Nadia MOD Apk+OBB 【2022】


Treasure of Nadia is an Adult 18+ game developed by NLT Media, and basically, it is a PC game but recently they released the mobile version as well, but because of heavy nudity and its erotic behavior, it is not available on Google Play Store.

People consider it as a dirty game, but they forget that apart from the nudity there’s more, the concept and the gameplay are unique and joyful. It is famous because it has the best graphics ever in an adult game.

The Treasure of Nadia is a highly addictive adventures role-playing game and has in-app purchases, in the game, there’s a pseudo currency named Money with $ symbol with that you can buy virtual goods and survive in the game.

Treasure of Nadia gameplay
Treasure of Nadia gameplay

Making money in this game is difficult, but with the Treasure of Nadia Mod apk, you can get unlimited money. The game is not available in Play Store, but it can be downloaded from the NLT Media official website where you will get the Treasure of Nadia APK + OBB. You may easily get Desktop MOD, but it is hard to find the MOD apk.

Several unofficial websites offer the Treasure of Nadia MOD apk with unlimited money, and they work fine. But in some cases, you may end up downloading a virus when you don’t have enough knowledge which may harm your device.

The Treasure of Nadia premium MOD app has more than 15 hours of content, whereas in the free version it is less. It also has unlimited money which you can use to unlock any goods.

The APK size is 1.2 MB, but including the OBB it will be around 1.8 GB. The game contains high-resolution graphics and may not support older devices, So make sure your device has a high-end graphics chip.

The 18+ games such as CyberPunk 2077, GTA V, etc have the most realistic graphics, but those are of a different genre and contains disturbing visual, blood effects, and all. But this game is different from them.

It is a complete offline setup and doesn’t require internet, so you don’t have to sign-up also your data is not being shared anywhere.

Treasure of Nadia MOD APK

Below are some of the trusted sources from where you can down the Treasure of Nadia unlimited money apk. Note: The files are not hosted by, we just listed external links which are considered safe to visit, and are legal.

  • SingleApk – You can download the full game, and from this link you can even download it for PC or Mac aswell.
  • AndroidVolt – Here, you will get the highly compressed version of app.
  • QuickApks – It is yet another trusted source to download the latest version of the game.


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