Finally, the Samsung S11 patent revealed its unique 3D Design


This year Oppo and Xiaomi have revealed the under-display camera phone, Now it’s Samsung’s turn to show their under-display camera phone.

A new leaked patent shows that the new Samsung invisible camera mobile will have a 3D looking design meets the Samsung early-stage smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Patent

The above image reveals that Samsung is working on a really unique design and the 3D shaped front panel has a curved edge design and the full screen with a hidden camera under the display to archives high screen to body ratio.

The new Samsung 3D phone will have dual rear cameras positioned in the middle of the back panel. And the side view of the device is really unique and adopts an ease design with fully rounded corners.

The 3D renders of Samsung 3D smartphones made by LETSGODIGITAL

  • Samsung s11 render
  • galaxy-s11
  • samsung phone 3d curved screen
  • samsung s11
  • s11

According to the sources, the upcoming Samsung 3D design is of Samsung Galaxy S11 that earlier rumored to have an under the display camera.

As it comes to the features and specifications, the Samsung Galaxy S11 is a 5G ready smartphone that carries Snapdragon 865 to boost the performance of the upcoming flagship.

And the image of the patent shows that it will not have any earphone jack, it might be a hole less mobile which doesn’t have any holes like, headphone jack, charging port, and it will be an IP68 rated waterproof mobile.

Samsung Galaxy S11 patent leaked, the renders of the device show that it has a hole-less unique 3D design and an under-display camera.


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