Best budget Cooling pad for Gaming Laptop 【2022】


    Gaming laptops produce more heat than normal laptops. Even after having an advanced cooling system in it, they generate a lot of heat. For that reason, Cooling pads are introduced.

    A cooling pad for a Gaming laptop doesn’t drop the degrees instantly. It just helps the laptop to get more ventilation with a fan underneath it.

    You will find cooling pads in all the price range, and it doesn’t mean that the more you pay the better you get. Most of the high-end cooling pads are just gimmick, they just charge you more for stupid RGB lighting. But here, we have listed some value for money cooling pad.

    Budget Cooling pad for Gaming Laptop

    Cooling pad for Gaming laptop

    In this article, we have listed best cooling pads for gaming laptops under 2000.

    Common features that all of the following cooling pad has

    1. Comes with LED single tone LED
    2. Has anti-slip metallic surface
    3. Contains 2 USB ports
    4. Adjustable height stand

    1. CosmicByte Asteroid

    • CosmicByte cooling pad
    • CosmicByte Asteroid

    CosmicByte is famous for gaming accessories, and cooling pad is also one of them.

    CosmicByte Asteroid cooling pad is compatible with up to 17″ laptop and equipped with 5 fans, a large fan in the center, and 4 small fans at the corners. This fan comes in two different colors, Red and Blue, and has a single-tone LED light in it.

    It provides the best cooling at the price of Rs. 1,499/- and it is available on both Amazon and Flipkart. CosmicByte Asteroid comes with a 7 level adjustable height stand and works fine with all laptops.

    2. Zinq Cool Slate Five

    • Zinq Technologies Cool Slate Five
    • Zinq Cool Slate cooling pad

    Zinq Technologies Cool Slate Five is a 5 fans cooling pad, it provides great cooling to your laptop with 4 large and 1 extra-large fan. It comes in RED color and has Red tone LED for each fan.

    It has a price tag of Rs. 1,251 and in terms of cooling it is better than Cosmic Byte Asteroid. It fits with all 15″ and 17″ laptops, but the drawback is, it only has 2 levels of height adjustments.

    Zinq cooling pad for gaming laptop is available on Amazon.

    3. Flipkart SmartBuy FKCPK25 4 Fan Cooling Pad

    • Flipkart SmartBuy cooling pad
    • gaming laptop cooling pad

    The next one is from Flipkart SmartBuy, This cooling pad from Flipkart offers 4 medium size fans with blue tone LED light that spins at 1000RPM, and provides better cooling. It is one of the highest-rated cooling pads of Flipkart.

    This cooling pad will cost you Rs. 999/- and of course it is value for money. It is available in Blue color and looks great. The only limitation of this cooling pad is, it only supports 15″ laptops. If you own a 17″ laptop then go for CosmicByte Asteroid.

    4. Coolcold Laptop Gaming Cooling Pad Cooler

    • Coolcold cooling pad
    • Coolcold gaming laptop fan

    Coolcold is a 17″ gaming laptop cooling pad which spins at up to 1,400 RPM and comes in Green and blue color combination. This cooling pad looks great and the build quality is also decent. It has an ABS+ Metal body.

    The design of the cooling pad is great, and it is equipped with 5 medium size fans. 4 at the corners and another one in the center. The fan speed and green-tone light are adjustable and have 2 USB ports.

    This cooling is pad is available on Flipkart for Rs. 1,999/-

    5. CosmicByte Comet 2 Fan Cooling Pad

    • CosmicByte Comet 2 Fan Cooling Pad
    • best budget cooling pad for gaming laptop

    This cooling pad has only 2 fans, but the design and the placement of the fans give better cooling to your laptop.

    It is compatible with all 17″ laptops and the fan size is also very large and has 5 levels of adjustable speed. It comes in 2 different colors, Red and Blue, and also has an LED in it. For the price of Rs. 1080/- this is the best-recommended laptop.

    It is available on both Amazon and Flipkart.

    6. Zinq Cool Slate Dual

    • Zinq Cool Slate 2
    • Zinq Cool Slate 2 laptop fan

    Zinq Cool Slate Dual has 2 large-size fans and costs only 899. This cooling pad looks so formal. It is a 15″ laptop cooling pad and comes in Blue color with blue tone LED to each fan.

    It has a 4 level adjustable stand, and available to buy on Amazon. It provides good cooling to your laptop at this price and has 1 year manufacturer warranty.


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