LG applied patent for new models, LG G10, G20, G30, and G40


The famous geek-leaks provider Mukul Sharma reported that LG has introduced a new naming scheme for the G-series smartphones, as the company has just applied the patent for the G10, G20, G30, and G40. As the high-end flagship of 2019, everyone has become accustomed to the LG G8 ThinQ, which emerged as the successor to the G7 ThinQ, and the V50 ThinQ that came together. However, for future planning, the outside world is temporarily unknown.

In response to the latest changes, LG Electronics submitted four trademark applications to the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPRIS) on July 7, 2019, namely G10, G20, G30, and G40.

Previously, the company had adopted the same strategy for entry-level K-series smartphones, and now has dozens of models including the K40 and K50 introduced earlier this year.

According to the pace of release in recent years, the company is likely to release the new G-series flagship smartphone during the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2020) in February 2020.

It is expected that after the launch of the G10, LG will continue to launch dozens of models, and less than three or four years (G20 / G30 / G40 after G10).

It is reported that LG launched the first G-series smartphone in 2012, but the name Optimus was also included in the name. However, in the second year, LG began to save Optimus in the G series and V series, and directly reduced to G2 or G3.

As for whether LG will maintain the brand name of ThinQ in the future, it is not easy to judge, but the company will at least reserve the right to call the new machine G10 ThinQ.


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