How to Reboot / Power off Samsung Smartphones


    Samsung is a leading smartphone brand, that launches very unique, premium, and great looking smartphones year by year.

    As innovations went improving, Samsung invented their own voice assistant, replaced the Samsung smartphone “Power Button” with the “Bixby” voice assistant.

    Long pressing Samsung Note 10 power button
    Long pressing Samsung Note 10 power button

    How to Switch off / Restart Samsung Smartphones

    In the new models, if you press the power button, it works like the normal wake-up and lock function.

    Disable Bixby and open power off menu
    Opening Bixby by long-pressing the power button

    But if you long-press the power key, it launches Bixby instead of shutting down or rebooting the system. No matter how long you hold it, this button does not turn off the phone it will just open Bixby.

    Power Off / Reboot icon in Samsung Note 10 notification menu

    To turn off the phone you’ll have to go to the new button in the notification drop-down menu. Right next to the Settings button, there is a power button and that’ll let you decide to turn off your new Samsung Mobile.

    How to Power off / Restart Android mobile
    Power off / Restart button in Samsung Note 10

    How to disable Bixby

    Follow these steps to disable Bixby, and make the Power Key as the Reboot button.

    Method 1:

    1. Long press the power key to open Bixby.
    2. From the Bixby screen, tap the Settings icon.
    3. Tap the “Off switch” to disable the Bixby key functionality.

    Method 2:

    • Open Menu -> Goto Settings
    • Click on the Bixby key
    • And click “Don’t open anything“.


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