Meizu 16s Pro Model number is confirmed, the fastest 5G product will launch in the second quarter of 2020


According to the official exposure, Meizu will launch 5G products in the second quarter of 2020, and the official said that this will be “true 5G products.”

Meizu 5G Device Roadmap

Meizu 5G Device Roadmap

According to the Meizu 5G Device Roadmap, Meizu Start the 5G project in the Second Quarter of 2019(Q2), and in the Q3 it will do 5G Signal Modulation, and in Q4 the production of the 5G phone will begin, and finally in Q2 2020 The True 5G phone will be available for sale.

A simple question may arise “What is a true 5G product?”

Meizu will adopt the latest X55 baseband released by Qualcomm in February this year, fully supporting 2/3/4/5G, supporting both NSA and SA network deployments, while The X50 baseband used in the current stage of the process is better in heat control.

Most of the products in the 5G solution now use the X50 baseband. It only supports 5G and NSA network deployment. Only the TDD mode is supported below 5G NR 6GHz. The X55 baseband is multi-mode single-chip. It is compatible with 2/3/4/5G and supports NSA and SA network deployment. It supports 3 5G mm bands and supports TDD/FDD below 5G NR 6GHz.

Meizu 16s Pro and the large-screen version of Meizu 16s Plus uses a 6.5-inch screen, the same configuration as Meizu 16s. It may be expected that the sales volume will not be too high and will be a limited edition. The Meizu 16s Pro in the second half of the year should be this phone.

As per the sources, the next Meizu 5G device may be Meizu 16s Pro. and the following image confirms the model number of Meizu 16s Pro. The Model number of the device is M1973.

Meizu 16s Pro Model number

The Translation of the Chinese text is like this.

“Hello, everyone! About the new model M1973 (Meizu 16s Pro) has entered the stage of the experience model demand report, please help the responsible person to fill the attachment form to the dot to fill the attachment module”


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