Meizu 16s Pro and Meizu 16s Plus Leaked


In the first half of the year, Meizu released three mobile phones, which are Meizu Note 9, Meizu 16s and Meizu 16Xs. Meizu Note9 has a full-screen display with dot notch, Meizu 16Xs uses a symmetrical full-screen, and both the devices are equipped with Snapdragon™ 675 processor, with a battery capacity of 4000mAh, the main camera is a 48-megapixel Samsung GM1 sensor, but the sales of these two mobile phones are not ideal.

Meizu 16s continues the Meizu 16th design, with narrower bezels, the screen ratio is greatly improved and supports in-display fingerprint recognition. Equipped with Snapdragon 855 processor, 20 megapixels front camera, and 48 megapixels IMX 586 and 20 megapixels IMX350 dual rear camera, 3600 mAh battery capacity, support 24W fast charge. Built-in horizontal linear motor(mEngine 2.0) and dual stereo speakers.

Meizu 16s is one of the most beautiful full-screen mobile phones of the year. It is definitely worth buying. Today, Meizu still insists on black and white color matching. In the era of gradiant colors, it is too difficult to buy a white mobile phone.

In the list of top 10 Snapdragon 855 flagship mobile phones, the Meizu 16s is still less popular. It is estimated that the most depressing thing about Jack Wong should be that there are many supporters before the release. After the release, there are very few buyers. Are you looking at the excitement or supporting Meizu?

The failure of Meizu 16s is not surprising. Because global users are not satisfied with the brand due to poor after sales services and delayed system updates. And they also void their hard-earned reputation in India by overpricing the Meizu 16th, which runs on Snapdragon 845 and make a joke by introducing outdated models such as Meizu 6T and C9.

No matter how good the design is, it will not last too long. What’s more, Jack Wong insists that the symmetrical full-screen is not favored by international users, and it is also designed to squeeze the toothpaste. It’s so strange.

Coming to the main point, In the second half of the year, Meizu also has a real flagship Meizu 16s Pro to be released, will it also use the symmetrical design?

Meizu 16s Pro and Meizu 16s Plus

In fact, Meizu 16s and the large-screen version of Meizu 16s Plus uses a 6.5-inch screen, the same configuration as Meizu 16s. It may be expected that the sales volume will not be too high and will be a limited edition. The Meizu 16s Pro in the second half of the year should be this phone.

Recently, some leaks exposed the real specification comparison chart of Meizu 16s pro and Meizu 16s. The two phones use the same design. The screen of Meizu 16s Pro is longer, the forehead and chin are reduced again, and the screen to body ratio is improved.

After the failure of Meizu 16s, Meizu 16s Pro will also use the symmetrical design?

Meizu 16s Pro will definitely change. Some time ago Meizu applied for a patent for a mechanical lifting camera. If there is no accident, the Meizu 16s pro will use the pop-up camera design.

The benefits of using the pop-up camera are extremely numerous. The completeness of the screen is not possible for Meizu 16s. In addition, the mechanical lifting camera has been recognized by the user. As long as the camera is working hard, the sales of Meizu 16s Pro should be better than that of Meizu 16s.

If nothing else, Meizu 16s Pro will also use a 90Hz refresh rate screen, and 5G connectivity, plus 4000mAh large battery and horizontal linear motor, dual stereo, speaker and full-featured NFC.

Zack Wong also said that if you like three shots, the flagship mobile phone in the second half of the year can use three IMX586.

If the Meizu 16s Pro really uses a full-screen lifting and rear-facing three 48-megapixel IMX586, the photo is very bullish, can you accept it?



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