Meizu officially confirmed the new “Meizu UR” product line-up.


Meizu Technology Vice President officially announced Meizu high-end accessories custom brand “MEIZU UR“, and said that the first new product will be announced on August 28.

Meizu sub-brand
Meizu VP confirming the official Logo of Meizu UR

In the above image, Meizu VP Hua Hiliang said that the “MEIZU UR ” is a new brand of Meizu accessories. The first product will be the Meizu 16s Pro flagship mobile phone.

Meizu 16s Pro release date and official poster
Meizu 16s Pro is releasing on August 28

According to the leaked news, MEIZU UR can be digital products, acoustic/musical products, leather products, clothing and shoes, and hats!

ctmo Chinese government
Registered trademark

The netizen also guessed from the MEIZU UR brand LOGO announced by Mr. Hua Hailiang, that “UR” is both an abbreviation of “Your” and “Ultra Rare”. From this point of view, Meizu’s new trademark “MEIZU UR” is intended to be related to private ordering products? Take the route of the high-end custom brand?

Combined with the previously exposed trademark registration information – the trademark covers acoustic/musical instrument products. Since Originally Meizu is a music brand from the MP3 era, the quality should be further upgraded.


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