Smart Bed attached with an integrated projector of a 70-inch screen

smart bed
smart bed

In the olden days, the work was more that is there we had no automation but nowadays we can’t live without automation. Day by day we people are becoming lazy, in helping to this an Italian company had manufactured a “smart bed”.

Till now we had come with many smart TV’s that will be placed outside the bed but now we are in an advanced technology that is a smart bed which is placed inside the bed. This is specifically designed for people who love to binge-watch all day. In particular to this Jio also releasing Jio Giga Fibre in next month having an internet speed of 100mbps to 1GBps.

Italian “Smart bed” features

The bed is made up of a 70-inch theatre screen, a built-in sound system, a hidden speaker and an HD projector. The bed not only consists of these electronic things it also consists of a good quality bed and blackout curtains this helps to watch your content in complete darkness and feels like you are in the theatre.

The smart bed includes a wifi connection so that you don’t need to add any external routers and also comes with its own dimmable lights. It also includes a special technology that can monitor the temperature of the bed according to your preference.

It is controlled by your voice where you can get an update about the weather changes, traffic information and has an inbuilt smart clock to wake you up. The bed also more concerned about the user’s health so biometric sensors that can track a user’s weight. “We dream of a world in which our living space will listen to us more and more and will be the key to our well-being, becoming our next and ultimate walk-in smart device”, Hi-Interiors founders Ivan and Gianni Tallarico said in a press release.

This bed is designed by Italian architect Fabio Vinella and furniture brand Hi-Interiors. The price of the bed is $13,800 (~ Rs.9,81,760) it may launch in next year. Seems like Xiaomi is taking a keen interest in the same. You can have a look at alleged images of 70-inch redmi TV.


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