Best Looking Linux Distro 【2022】


    Linux is an open-source Operating System and is mostly used for penetration testing and ethical hacking. Earlier, very few people were using Linux as their primary OS because of a lack of third-party software support. But now many people are switching to Linux, because of its extended software and games support.

    best looking linux distro
    Best looking Linux distro

    If you are one of them who is planning to switch to Linux and are confused to choose which is the best looking Linux distro. Well! there are over 600+ Linux distributions, and it’s difficult to tell which one is suitable for you, hence we have shortlisted the most beautiful Linux distros out there.

    Best Looking Linux Distro

    All of the beautiful Linux distros listed below are open-source and free.

    Garuda OS

    Garuda Linux

    Garuda Linux is a recently released distro and has a very beautiful UI with a neon icon pack. The Garuda OS is one of the best-looking Linux distributions with good security features. It has a clean and minimal interface that is suitable for everyone, and Windows users can easily get used to it and can use it as their primary OS.



    Ubuntu Linux

    Ubuntu is the most widely used Linux OS out there, it is famous because of its clean UI, and secure yet stable OS. It might not be the lightest Linux distro, but it is fast compared to Windows, most Linux users choose to run Ubuntu on their PC because it is much stable than any other distro


    Endeavour OS

    Endeavour Linux

    Endeavour OS is a very beautiful Linux Operating System and has a Windows-like Navigation System and Start Menu. It’s a user-friendly OS with visually pleasing icons and wallpaper, which best suits everyday usage.


    Zorin OS

    Zorin Linux

    Zorin OS is a lightweight Operating System that supports older devices as well and has a wonderful User Interface to work with. Zorin OS also has a similar UX as Windows and has a rounded corner design scheme, and it is also one of the best-looking Linux OS.


    Fedora Linux

    Fedora Linux

    Fedora OS is very similar to Ubuntu in terms of UI and has similar features, but you will get many regular updates with new features. Fedora Linux is good for beginners who are switching to Linux for the first time, and you will face fewer installation errors compared to Windows.



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