Best Web3 apps for Android


    Web3 started getting famous in 2022 and got a lot of hype. But what people understood is, Web3 means cryptocurrency and NFT, which is not true.

    In simple words, Web 3 is a decentralized internet where you are not tracked by any legal authority or your ISP. And it is not limited to cryptocurrency and NFT, it’s more than that.

    Note: The following apps listed below are open-source and won’t collect any of your data, but it doesn’t mean you are fully anonymous. Your activity might be captured in other ways. To enhance your privacy over the internet, prefer using TOR.

    Best Web3 apps for Android

    Below are some of the best Web3 apps for android, which you can use without having much knowledge of Crypto or Web3.

    1. Web 3 app is a decentralized social media app created by one of the first two Bitcoin developers Martti Malmi. The purpose of this app is simple, it is decentralized and works on a peer-to-peer network.

    This is basically a web app, and the apk version is not deployed on Google Play Store, but when using an Android device, in the Chrome browser, you will get an option to install the app. is slightly similar to Twitter, but as of now, it has very few users and has less content to consume.

    2. Meshenger

    Anonymous video calling app Web 3 Android

    Meshenger is an open-source Decentralized android app to make voice and video calls to anyone. This app doesn’t rely on any server or hosting, instead, works on a peer-to-peer network, keeping your conversation encrypted and protected.

    This app comes useful when you have to make an anonymous call to anyone without the fear of being tapped. This app also lets you chat anonymously, and all you need to have is an internet connection.

    Using Meshenger is simple, you have to scan the QR code of the person to whom you are planning to make a call. In other words, you can call it an app to make anonymous voice and video calls.

    This app is available on GitHub as well as F-Droid.

    3. SkyDroid

    Wep 3 app for Android Play Store

    It is safe to download the apps from the Google Play store since it scans and verifies each and every app you installed. Meanwhile, your activity is also captured by Google.

    If you don’t want to compromise your privacy and you are willing to install an app from a decentralized network without being tracked, then SkyDroid is an alternative solution.

    SkyDroid is a decentralized app like the Play Store for Android, where the apps are hosted on a decentralized network that doesn’t capture any of your data.

    This is an open-source project made using flutter, and you can take a look at the source code to verify.

    4. SkyFeed

    Web 3 social media app for Android

    You might be using Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter every day, but the creepiest thing about these apps is, that they track your every activity in the name of the betterment of the service.

    If you are really concerned about your privacy, but still want to use social media, then SkyFeed is a nice solution. It is a decentralized web3 social media app for Android, which never collects your personal information.

    SkyFeed is being used by many people already, also it has so much content. The source code of this app is available on GitHub, you can have a look if needed.

    5. RideX

    Web 3 cab booking

    RideX is an open-source taxi booking service and works without a middle man. It is a decentralized Web3 CAB booking app that is for both Taxi drivers as well as Customers.

    The purpose of this app is to help Taxi drivers earn without any deductions. While any CAB driver is working for a company, then he has to share some portion of his income with his company.

    And by using RideX, the drivers can earn without any deductions, also, the app lets you make the transaction through crypto.


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