Apple is bringing back the Fingerprint sensor to iPhone 12


Recently, the topic about #iPhone or recovery fingerprint recognition# has become popular, because, in the past three generations of iPhone series products, the notch that appeared with Face ID unlocking has been spitting out.

It is good enough to unlock with Face ID, in front of friends and neighbors if an iPhone user raises his/her device to unlock with face id, at a glance they get a high impression. But if it happens repeatedly, people start thinking that he/she is showing off the logo.

The design of the big notch makes the visual feeling of the whole screen very uncomfortable, and also limits the growth of the proportion of the body screen. At this point, the concept map of the iPhone 12 was exposed. From the picture, it can be found that the big notch that has been unsightly and has been canceled, so this phone is likely to adopt the screen fingerprint unlocking scheme.

iPhone 12 fingerprint biometric

Leaked renders and videos show that Apple is going to make the big change and to adopt a full-screen display with in-display biometric. It means a lot to Apple users to see the fingerprint sensor on an iPhone.

Apple and Vivo, the leader of the two generations of fingerprint unlocking trends


Apple iPhone 12
Apple iPhone 12 Design


Looking back on the history of the smartphone industry unlocking method, it is not difficult to find that Apple’s mobile phone is the pioneer and leader of front-end fingerprint recognition and unlocking. As early as 2013, Apple released the first iPhone 5S with front-end fingerprint recognition and unlocking. Before the advent of this phone, most of the phone unlocks were graphical passwords and digital passwords, and their similarities were a bit cumbersome. The iPhone 5S brings a new way to unlock, and people agree that this approach will always lead the industry.

However, after the release of the Vivo X20 Plus screen fingerprint version of Vivo, it once again refreshed people’s perception. Because this phone used the optical screen fingerprint unlocking method for the first time, it also pointed out the direction for the development of the later screen fingerprint. Compared with the unlocking method of the iPhone 5S, the unlocking method of the Vivo mobile phone is more convenient, and only needs a slight touch of the finger to unlock the mobile phone, and the convenience is self-evident.

Vivo dominates the history of screen fingerprint unlocking, contributing worthy of admiration

Since then, the mobile phone unlocking method has changed the wind direction, and Vivo has begun to lead the continuous iteration of the screen fingerprint unlocking technology. After the release of the Vivo X20 Plus screen fingerprint version, Vivo released the Vivo X21, NEX screen fingerprint version, Vivo X23 and NEX dual-screen version in the following year. Each product represents a huge improvement in the way the screen fingerprint is unlocked. The NEX dual-screen version is the third generation of optical screen fingerprint unlocking. With the newly upgraded 3P lens and the independently set fingerprint processing module in the CPU, the NEX dual-screen version only takes 0.29 seconds to complete the unlocking operation.

At this point, Vivo did not stop exploring the more convenient and faster way to unlock the screen. Like the Vivo APEX 2019 concept model, the first full-screen fingerprint unlocking shocked the entire mobile phone industry. The screen unlock area is not limited to one place, but the screen can be unlocked at any point. Imagine that when this technology successfully decentralized more Vivo models, it will become the object of learning by several manufacturers, and will once again lead the development of screen fingerprint unlocking.

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The advantage of screen fingerprint is very obvious, Apple’s new model is about to adopt

It is also the emergence of the screen fingerprint unlocking method, and the mobile phone screen has a breakthrough. The fingerprint recognition module built into the bottom of the screen completely improves the appearance of the screen. For example, the recently released NEX 3 5G version, the limit of close to 100% of the screen ratio is difficult but Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha reached with 180% screen ratio. When the iPhone 12 was unlocked with screen fingerprints, the notches that had been criticized by people disappeared and replaced with stunning screen horizons.


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