Meizu 16T(Turbo) is ready to rival Poco F2


    Compared with previous years, Meizu’s sales speed in the mobile phone market is still much slower. At this time last year, Meizu mobile phones have already set off a very high level of craze. However, from this year’s point of view, there is no previous momentum. Other manufacturers are promoting their own new models, but Meizu does not have much movement. Especially recently, the mobile phone market has uploaded a lot of news about new models.


    • Meizu 16T is powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855 processor.
    • Equipped with 3 rear cameras

    It is necessary to know that Meizu in the past two years has been regarded as “returning to life”. Compared with previous years, Meizu has begun to return to the flagship market and its Meizu 16s is also very good. However, recently the news about Meizu 16T has been exposed.

    Before the release of Meizu 16s, Huang Zhang said that in addition to Meizu 16s, there is a new gaming model called Meizu 16T will be released, the major vision of Meizu 16T is to build cost-effective gaming mobile. It is not difficult to see that Meizu is trying to develop in an all around the way. After all, If you want to continue in the market then need to follow this year’s trend that is low price + three cameras + high-end performance.

    Speaking of this, let us look at the exposure information of Meizu 16T: the appearance is similar to the Meizu 16 series, using the symmetrical design of the top and bottom, this design is still quite good now, although there is no boring screen like water drop screen. In addition, according to the previous exposure, the Meizu 16T original name is Meizu 16G, G is the abbreviation of Game, which means that this will be a main game performance model.

    It is equipped with the flagship processor Snapdragon 855, the device will have a three-camera design, dual speakers and linear motors, and the price of this model will not be too high, the new flagship of the Honor 20 series and poco F2 are coming. However, the low price means that the details can be less, so there is news that Meizu 16T will cancel the In-screen fingerprint recognition and OIS anti-shake function, which is also a con.

    This year Meizu’s marketing is different. Many manufacturers are releasing new models in large quantities. Meizu wants to rely on a series to save the overall situation. It is still very difficult, so we can only expect Meizu 16T to be stronger.


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