iPhone XIR: comes in 4 different colors with A13 Bionic chip


In addition to the new color scheme, the iPhone XIR will also be equipped with dual-camera, which will give us even better camera performance, keeping performance in the leading position. Although there is still no clear conclusion on product naming, most people believe that the probability of this year’s new product being named iPhone XIR is very high.


  • Apple iPhone XIR with the A13 Bionic processor.
  • iPhone XIR with four different colors.

After the new color was exposed, some people designed a new rendering based on the exposure message. It is easy to see through the pictures that the green version of the iPhone XR2 still looks quite good, and the rounded back of the fuselage has an emerald feeling. If Apple really introduces these new colors, it will become the most popular version without any surprise.

The iPhone XIR uses an LCD screen, this is the last generation of Apple’s mobile phone to use the LCD screen. In 2020, the whole line will be replaced with an OLED screen. Therefore, the XIR border can’t be as narrow as XS. There was a rumor that Apple would cut its border thickness on the 2019 iPhone XIR, but the latest news we received was not. However, the FaceID component is the same as the XIS series, which changes a little bit of size slightly. Of course, if you don’t look at it, it is absolutely indistinguishable. If you want to tell whether this is an iPhone XS/XR or iPhone XI/XIR on the front of the phone, you may have to work in vain.

Finally, it is certain that the change of the new iPhone XIR in 2019 is that the processor is upgraded to bionic A13, the front camera is upgraded to 12 MP, the rear lens is increased by 2x zoom telescope head



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