iOS 14 beta release date | When will iOS 14 available?


Apple iPhones are the most expensive smartphones, it is because of its self-developed operating system iOS. Apple recently released keynote about iOS 14 and released Developers is beta as well.

iOS 14
iOS 14 beta update

before the release of iOS 13 stable version, The users are very curious to use iOS 14, and are searching on the internet about “iOS 14 features“, “iOS 14 beta version“. and they are also curious and want to know the iOS 14 release date.

In general, Android devices won’t get firmware update if they became 3 years old, but iPhones are very good for their after-sales service, users get new system update even if the model is old.

iPhones are very popular for iOS. because other company mobiles run on Android OS and use Google services, such as Google Chrome, Google Assistant and others. But iOS uses its own invented Assistant “Siri”, and own developed browser “safari”.

On WWDC2020 when apple announced its new features, audiance reacted to that saying t”features are already exist in an Android device”.

This year because of coronavirus cricise Apple conducted a virtual event instead of on stage live event.

iOS 14 beta release date

Already the Developers beta is available for download and the iOS 14 beta or public beta may release in the end july.


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