Redmi K30 Pro water protection IP53


Redmi K30 pro is a new flagship phone from Xiaomi, and with Snapdragon 865 processor, it is the best performing beast. But when it comes to water protection, Redmi K30 Pro lacks.

The new Xiaomi flagship is built with the best possible hardware specifications, with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 at both front and back. And it has a circular quad camera design at back with a 64mp main sensor.

But the Redmi K30 Pro has an average IP rating, and that is 53. In general, IP stands for Internation Protection. And the Redmi K30 pro has an average protection, to understand why read below.


redmi k30 pro water test
Redmi K30 Pro water Protection

Below is a chart of Internation Protection. And the left half of the below image shows protection against solid objects, and the right side shows the Protection against liquid damage.

IP 53 water protection

Redmi K30 Pro water test

If you look closely, the Redmi K30 pro has an IP53 rating, and the above Chart describes the protection is average.

The number 5 represents, the Redmi K30 is Dust protected and prevents entry of dust that can harm the Device physically. And on another hand, the 3 represents the protection against liquid damage. and it describes that the mobile can survive against water spray at 60° angle(when the mobile is placed horizontally)

In the Redmi K30 pro water test, the IP53 water protection will give an average result. The mobile may survive against solid objects, but still, it’s not waterproof. The highest protection that exists right now is IP68.

The 8 level water protection perform well in water test because it is protected against the effects of permanent submersion in water up to 13 feet, but hatefully, it is not in the Redmi K30 Pro.

Highlighted features of Redmi K30 Pro

Performance Snapdragon 865
Storage 128 GB
Camera 64+13+8+2 MP
Battery 4700 mAh
Display 6.6″ (16.76 cm)
Ram 8 GB
Launch Date In India March 24, 2020 (Expected)



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