Most Intelligent Smartphone brand of 2019


    Artificial intelligence is the duplication of understanding the mind of a human. As a man can take decisions intelligently, the same way computer systems also take wise decisions with the help of Artificial Intelligent. Artificial Intelligent changed the way of communicating.

    Below are some most intelligent Smartphone brands that understand you better, and help you to provide the best User Experience.

    Most Intelligent Smartphones of the Year


    Apple is the most intelligent, most expensive, and most creative smartphone brand. Unlike any other smartphone manufacturer, Apple iPhones runs on Bionic A-series processors and uses its own Operating System called iOS.

    How to use Core ML 3
    Apple iOS

    Core ML 3( iOS Machine Learning)Machine learning is artificial intelligence, where computers “learn” without being explicitly programmed. Instead of writing complex code, the machine learning tools enable computers to develop and improve algorithms, by finding models in huge amounts of data.

    Core ML 3 permits advanced neural networks with support for over 100 layer types, and seamlessly takes use of the CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine to give maximum performance and efficiency.

    This way the iOS, and the third party apps too understand your habits better.


    Huawei is the second most intelligent smartphone company, Huawei is the only Android Smartphone brand that runs on its own Hisilicon Kirin Processors.

    Huawei AI

    Huawei uses a customized version of Android that is EMUI. The EMUI is another Operating System with Artificial Intelligence.

    The EMUI 9.0 optimizes underlying operation commands more quickly and efficiently with AI prediction technology. Here the optimization means on average, the response speed of the system is increased by 25.8%, application startup is shortened by 102 ms and overall system fluency is increased by 12.9%.

    Intelligent resource allocation and smart scheduling efficiently improves game fluency and minimizes the touch delays by an average of 36%.


    Meizu is another Chinese Smartphone brand with really unique and beautiful smartphones, Meizu phones are the most intelligent smartphones that run on Flyme OS which is the customization of Android.

    Meizu the world's intelligent smartphone
    Meizu official brand logo

    Flyme one mind

    One Mind is the name of the Artificial Intelligent, it is the independently researched-and-developed intelligent thinking engine for Flyme OS, which automatically captures user’s habits according to user scenarios and provides efficient solutions.

    Best Android Operating System
    Flyme Logo

    The intelligent engine One Mind combines different strategies by analyzing complex scenes. It has new engines for pairing with Bluetooth and also for recognizing frequently visited locations, images and characters, and application scenarios. It learns and analyzes user behaviors to provide intelligent and efficient services.

    Without additional settings, One Mind automatically builds up a smarter mobile system for users.

    Auto-repair at Night – One Mind will detect your work and rest status. When you are asleep, the system will automatically
    go to sleep and start self-repair — defragmenting memory, cleaning up system cache, optimizing background applications, reducing standby power consumption, and freeing up more system resources.

    Most intelligent Smartphone 2019
    Auto-repair and Process Reaper

    Process Reaper – It can identify application types and behaviors based on user habits. By mandatorily reaping processes that take up large memory resources or behave abnormally, and retaining necessary processes.

    Process Reaper prevents applications from mistakenly closing while reducing resource assumptions. The intelligent process reaping ensures you a smooth experience.

    How to make mobile intelligent
    Flash Launch

    Flash Launch – One Mind picks up your habits quickly to identify regular applications in different periods, and opens up special channels to keep these applications running. The engine quickly responds whenever you start it.


    Xiaomi is another intelligent and the world’s most selling smartphone brand. It runs on Artificial Intelligence Powered MIUI Operating System.

    Mi the most intelligent smartphone

    The AI-Powered MIUI 10 Lightning Fast ROM has so many intelligent features to enhance the user experience.

    AI Preload – MIUI 10 AI-based Preload Features allows you to boost the time of opening applications and user interface functions based on daily routine and usage patterns of users.

    The MIUI 10 AI Preload Feature reduces the load times to 0 by studying user behavior and blocking actions.

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