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Guidelines to write blogpost on GizPrix.com


GizPrix encourages aspiring bloggers to practice content writing, and you can sign up and write your article here. Your article will be moderated before publication, and make sure you follow all the guidelines to get your article approved on the first attempt.

Here are the things to be taken care of before submitting an article for review.

  1. The article should be unique and should not have been published anywhere else except here.
  2. The article must be related to the technology niche and should not promote any gambling or unethical services.
  3. Product reviews are accepted, but they should be unbiased. If it seems that the article is promoting/marketing the reviewed products, then such posts will not be approved.
  4. The word length should be above 400 words and the images used should come under CC0 License.
  5. All external links will be no-follow, and if you are doing it for the heck of backlink. Sorry! 😐, It’s not the place.
  6. The written article should be in English and have to be grammatically correct.
  7. The user identity must be publically visible, and the author should link his/her social media account.

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