How to create Yahoo Mail id and Mailing List


    Yahoo is the second highest used mailing service, the interface of Yahoo mailing dashboard is similar to Gmail. If you haven’t created an account in yahoo, then you can follow these steps to create a new account.

    How to create Yahoo Mail Id

    Yahoo create account page
    Yahoo create account page
    • Go to “Yahoo create account page.”
    • Fill the required fields such as First name, Last name
    • Create a new Email address, create a password
    • Select your country and enter Mobile number
    • Enter the date of birth (Month / Day / Year)
    • After filling all the empty fields click Continue.

    Composing Mail in Yahoo

    Yahoo Mailing
    Yahoo mailing Dashboard
    • After logging in, the Compose button which is located on the top-left corner of the page.
    • Write the destination mail id, If you have the person in your contacts, you can type in their name.
    • Type the subject.
    • Type the message in the bottom box.
    • Press send.

    Creating Yahoo Mailing List

    Yahoo Mailing List
    Yahoo Mailing List
    • Press the Contacts icon located at the top right corner of the Yahoo Mail screen.
    • Select the Lists tab at the top of the new Contacts section.
    • Select New List in the left panel.
    • Type a name for the list.
    • Then, start typing the name of the first contact you want to add. When it appears, press Enter on it to add it to the list. Keep going for each contact you want to add.
    • Press Save when you have all the contacts you want to add.

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