Meizu 16s will be released officially on April 12th


Meizu 16s is an upgraded version of “Meizu 16th” which is expected to release on 12th April in China.

Meizu 16s Release
Meizu 16s Release


  • The Meizu 16s powered with a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855
  • It has a 6.2 inch AMOLED Display with an 18.6:9 Aspect ratio and with a 1080 x 2230 pixel rate.
  • It provides 8GB + 128GB Storage combination.
  • Runs on Flyme 7.2 based on Android Pie
  • Spots 48MP Sony IMX586 main sensor with added optical anti-shake at back and a worlds smallest 20MP custom made front camera.
  • Equipped with 3600 mAh Battery with 24w fast charge technology.
Meizu 16s
Meizu 16s

This time the flagship’s rear camera is not centered

Meizu 16s is an upgraded version of Meizu 16th, many people thought that the 16s’s rear camera should also be a centered design. However, the latest exposure of the Meizu 16s series of protective case on the Internet is unexpected, Image of the case is similar to the Meizu note 9, but a ring flash will be used.

Meizu 16s Case
Meizu 16s Case

If the above image of the cover is true, then the final appearance of the Meizu 16s series will be a front-symmetric full-screen design, and the back will have a similar camera shape for the Meizu note 9. In addition, the exposed protective sleeve also confirmed that Meizu 16s will cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack, and there should be no infrared function.

Equipped with an 18.6:9 display

At the same time, it is suspected that the Meizu internal staff also confirmed on Weibo that the Meizu 16s rear camera is not centered, and the leaked snaps also show that the display supports 1080×2230 resolution and has 18.6:9. Aspect ratio, and provides 8 + 128GB storage combination.

Meizu 16s also reportedly uses a custom 6.2-inch AMOLED display and has the world’s smallest custom made front camera, featuring the ultimate ultra-narrow bezel design, with upgraded mSound3.0 Stereo technology. According to the suspected insiders, The Meizu 16s series will support full-featured NFC and the new MeizuPay function and will bring a super night scene mode, as the system version is based on Android Pie-based Flyme7.2.

Will be released on April 12th

As for other specifications of Meizu 16s, Huang Zhang has previously disclosed that the Snapdragon 855 processor will pack a 3600 mAh battery in the industry’s thinnest body but does not provide wireless charging. At the same time, added optical anti-shake technology for the 48MP main camera, as the standard charger will support 24w fast charging technology.

Since Huang Zhang has said that the Meizu 16s series will be sold in April, There will be no suspense of the official release in April, As for the price, Huang Zhang said that it would be about 500RMB ($74.42) more than the Meizu 16th, which means that the starting price of Meizu 16s maybe 3198 yuan ($476.02).


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