Thousand yuan machine battle! The price of OPPO K1 is lower and the screen fingerprint is a bright spot!

With the development of domestic mobile phones, domestic mobile phones have gradually occupied the entire mobile phone market. OPPO, a mobile phone brand, is expected to be familiar to many people. In recent years, OPPO has been specializing in the offline market. In daily life, you can see many of its physical stores, and after-sales service is guaranteed. Many of its models are the main face value and photo, but there is no big breakthrough in the configuration, so many users have labeled it with a low price tag. However, OPPO mobile phones have learned the lesson, and have greatly improved the configuration. The price/performance ratio has been greatly improved, and creativity has also made great progress.


  • The price of OPPO K1 is lower and the screen fingerprint is a bright spot.
  • It uses the screen fingerprint technology used by many high-end flagship machines.
  • The OPPO k1 is excellent in appearance, and the same as the flagship model, the screen has a screen ratio of up to 90%, and the overall visual perception is very strong.
  • The back of the fuselage is a gradient color process design, which is outstanding in terms of feel and color.
  • It has a 25 million self-portrait camera head and supports a variety of self-portrait beauty techniques, which is in line with the aesthetics of many female users. 
  • After the 16 million + 2 million double camera, the main camera uses the Sony IMX398 sensor, with a smart beauty algorithm blessing, the camera effect will be able to reach a new height.
  • In terms of performance, it is equipped with the Snapdragon 660 processor. 


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