GoodPup App: 4 Best Things To Know | Detailed Review – 2023


    Dogs have proven to learn best in familiar and enjoyable environments with fewer or no distractions. GoodPup helps in training your dog at home where its learning can be maximized. This app has many organized sessions which certainly help your dog train and excel.


    Key Features of GoodPup

    • Personal trainers.
    • Chat with the trainer.
    • Trainers are Certified.
    • Flexible scheduling.
    • Many top dog skills.

    Dog training on GoodPup lets you stay connected and form deeper bonds with your dog. This app has many basic to advanced dog skill sets which surely will help your dog to be more concentrated and disciplined.

    GoodPup app has an overall rating on the Apple App store of 4.8 out of 5. However, let’s have a detailed review of this app.

    GoodPup App Detailed Review

    1. Interface

    GoodPup has a beautiful interface. Every feature of this app can be easily found and used accordingly. There are many features available on this app that are very well organized. Lesson packs contain many tricks from basic to advanced levels.


    This app also allows you to track the training process and progress of your dog. So that you are satisfied with your dog’s progress in training.

    2. Skillsets and tricks

    GoodPup has a number of skills and tricks to teach your dog. The right skill you need to teach can be consulted by a trainer through chats. Some of the skills include Sit, Stay, Touch, healing, and many more.


    With these skills, your dog is all set to become a disciplined and mannered pet provided you carry out the training sessions regularly.

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    3. Chat With Trainers

    On GoodPup trainers available are all certified along with a good amount of experience in years. These trainers assist and guide you through the training process. Also, you get to schedule a session with the trainer through this app.

    During the sessions, the trainer also looks at your dog’s progress and helps you with his feedback. Also, you get to train your dog through live video sessions. This feature is really helpful as the trainer directly looks at your dog’s form through video sessions. And, helps you accordingly with the type of help you need.

    4. Flexible Scheduling

    GoodPup app provides you with an interesting feature of scheduling the training sessions of your dog according to your convenience. In these sessions, a certified trainer helps you to train your dog with amazing skills and tricks. Also, you can chat with the trainer whenever you needed assistance.

    These trainers on this app not only help you in the training of your dog but, also help in keeping a track of your dog’s progress.

    GoodPup App Pros:

    GoodPup app has a good rating in the apple app store. This application not only helps you in training your dog with good skills but also provides the supervision of a certified trainer. Also, this app has a very enticing interface which, certainly helps a user to find every feature of this application with much ease. The trainers available on this app are certified with years of experience. You can easily rely on your trainer for proper supervision and assistance.

    Dog Training
    Dog Training

    However, Goodpup is only available on the Apple App Store. Hopefully, in the coming days, we might see this amazing dog training app on the Play Store as well. Do go through the linked article to find out other cool dog training apps for 2023. Happy training!


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