Pup to Date | Detailed Review 2023


    Pup to Date is the best way for training your puppy with positivity and organization. To train their puppy with cool and helpful tricks is every dog parent’s dream. Pup to Date is a good app if you are in search of apps that you need to train your puppy efficiently.

    Pup to date

    Key Features of Pup to Date :

    • Apple Watch App.
    • Tracking throughout the day.
    • Support for shortcuts.
    • Support for Dark mode.
    • Ability to log events for multiple dogs.

    Pup to Date app review

    1. Interface

    Pup to Date

    Pup to Date has an attractive interface. The trainer gets to organize his training in a very scheduled manner. However, this app has a moderate rating when it comes to organizing and systemizing all its features. The user might sometimes find difficulty coping with the interface.

    2. Dog Profile

    The Pup to Date app unlike other apps doesn’t allow you to create your pup’s profile or track its progress. But this app comes in handy when a trainer wants to organize his pup’s training. For example the type of training to be carried out in the morning, noon, or night of a particular day. A reminder can be set so that the trainer is reminded of the training sessions.

    Pup to Date
    Pup to Date

    The various types of sessions that can be set on Pup to Date are Nap time, Medications, training sessions, feed timings, walk, pee time, and many more. Also, you get to choose cool emojis beside the sessions you have recorded just to make them more attractive.

    3. Reminders

    This is a very helpful feature of Pup to Date. The trainer can easily set reminders for taking out the puppy for potty, walking, or for medications. These reminders let the dog owner rest assured and have an organized schedule for the puppy.

    Pup to Date
    Pup to Date

    Adding a reminder in Pup to Date is very easy. The trainer just needs to open the Pup to Date application and tap on the “Reminder” option. Here all the reminders that are set previously are displayed along with an “Add Reminder” option. You also get to set daily, weekly and monthly reminders.

    4. Recurring

    Pup to date

    In this feature of this app, you get to choose daily or one-time reminders. You can either add a note or simply set a reminder by just choosing an emoji. Also, you get an option for a timer. So that you categorize the reminder as Once, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

    Is Pup to Date app available on the Play Store?

    As of now, Pup to date app is available only on App Store for iOS users. This app is presently not available on the Google Play Store. Hopefully, in the coming days, android users might get a chance to use this amazing application.

    Pup to Date app – Pros

    Firstly this app is a good option only when a trainer is finding difficulty in scheduling the training sessions. Pup to Date can help a trainer to schedule the sessions in an effective manner. The reminder option in this app allows the user to easily set a reminder just by choosing an appropriate emoji. This surely is a good feature of this application.

    Also, the user gets to connect this app to Apple Watch so that the notifications can be viewed just by taking a look at the wrist. However, Pup to Date is available only for Apple users.

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