HP Omen Photon Wireless Gaming Mouse with 16,000 DPI


Omen is the sub-brand of HP’s main esports, launching a series of notebooks, PC mainframes, and related accessories. Latterly, HP released the Omen brand’s high-end wireless gaming mouse Omen Photon and the Omen Outpost mouse pad.


  • HP Omen Photon with 16,000 DPI.
  • HP Omen Outpost Mouse pad charges the mouse wirelessly.

The mouse supports up to 16,000 DPI and features a symmetrical design for a precise control experience. The mouse supports wireless charging, and the Qi-standard Omen Outpost mouse pad keeps the mouse powered.

The Omen Photon mouse has a symmetrical design and can be used by both right and left hands. The shape of the mouse can be changed by the user according to his or her preference. The PixArt PAW3335 sensor is equipped with a DPI of up to 16,000 and supports multi-level adjustment, which is rare in wireless mice.

Thanks to the use of unique wireless connectivity technology, the official claims that the click response time is as short as 0.2 milliseconds, even faster than a wired Mouse. The mouse is equipped with 11 programmable buttons and programmable RGB lights that can be customized. The mouse button has a lifespan of up to 50 million times, ensuring long-term use.

The mouse can be recharged via cable or via the Omen Outpost Qi standard mouse pad, which can be charged by simply placing the mouse in a specific position on the mouse pad.

The OEM claims that charging through the latter takes 2.5 hours to fill, and can be used for 50 hours after each full charge. The mouse pad is equipped with programmable RGB lights like the mouse itself.

For compatibility, the Omen Photon mouse is available on Microsoft Windows 10 and Apple MacOS 10.11, as well as on Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4.

HP is priced at $129.99 for Omen Photon, which is about Rs. 8,999. It is expected to be launched in June this year, and the Omen Outpost mouse pad is priced at $99.99, or about Rs. 6,899. This price is also standing out in similar products.



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