OnePlus Game Space APK Download – 2022


OnePlus is one of the leading Gaming Phone manufacturers. The gaming performance of the OnePlus phone is better, compared to other competitors. It’s not because of the hardware, but because of the OnePlus Game Space software.

OnePlus Game Space apk

The phone may have the most advanced chipset, but to fully utilize and squeeze the power of the processor, advanced software is needed. The software plays a major role in the device’s performance.

Unlike other gaming smartphones, such as Nubia Red magic 6 or ASUS ROG Phone 5, the OnePlus don’t have a rugged body and it doesn’t come with any external cooling equipment. But even after that, it can perform better than them in some scenarios.

The OnePlus Game Space is only limited to OnePlus devices, when you try to install it from Play Store, it will show an error “This app is not available for any of your devices”. This means, that the app is not supported on your device.

The official OnePlus Game Space app from the play store can only be installed on OnePlus phones. To install it on other devices, here’s what to do.

Download the OnePlus Game Space apk from the below link


The OnePlus Game Space apk is a virus-free file, which also works on non-rooted devices. It not only boosts the gaming performance but also has other DND features to enhance the gaming experience.

OnePlus Game Space features

Fnatic Mode

OnePlus Fnatic Mode

Fnatic is the world-leading esports organization, and in collaboration with them, OnePlus has introduced Fnatic Mode. It supercharges your gaming experience by optimizing the CPU, GPU, and RAM. It will kill all the unnecessary background tasks and boost the Game with its highest priority in allocating resources.

Enabling the Fnatic Mode in your device will increase the FPS to its maximum numbers by aggressively focusing all the CPU cores on Gaming.

Advanced DND

Nowadays online multiplayer games are the trend, and for sure you won’t get a pause option in it. A small disturbance leads to losing a match. The Advanced DND is designed and developed to keep the gamer-focused all the time.

It blocks all the notifications and calls excluding Alarm and Timer and gives you an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Network Enhancement

In Esports, you will compete with others in a virtual playground. The slow network speed will cause the delayed trigger. The OnePlus Game Space enhances the network and minimizes the ping time.


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