Is Pupford App Free? | Detailed Review – 2023


    Pupford App was created by Youtube’s No. 1 dog trainer, Zak George. He has used his decades of experience in dog training with effective techniques to inaugurate this app.

    Pupford has 30-day video courses for dog training. However, this is a forever-free application. This app has efficient techniques to guide you day by day throughout the 30 days of your dog training.


    Key Features of the Pupford App:

    • 100% free course.
    • Ebook Support.
    • Top dog products.
    • Private Support Community.

    Is Pupford App Free?

    Pupford has 30-day video courses for dog training. However, this is a forever-free application. This app also has additional subscriptions, subscribing to which is purely optional.

    Pupford App Review:

    1. App Interface

    Pupford has a simple but attractive interface. All the behaviors, videos, and instructions are put out in a very good manner. Users can easily access the required options with much ease and less trouble.

    2. Dog Profile

    The very first step you are asked to complete after installing the application is creating your dog’s profile. Creating a profile of your dog not only helps you in having a better experience of the features of this app but also lets you keep a track of your dog’s training.

    Dog Profile

    This app has over 20 behaviors with full videos and text instructions. Behaviors include Biting, Chewing, Come When Called, Controlling a New Dog’s Environment, Crate Training, Fetch, and many more.

    3. Problem Behaviour

    This is the best feature of Pupford. By using this feature you can easily get a solution for your dog’s problematic behavior. Like, if you want to get rid of your dog’s chewing problem. All you have to do is post your query in the Problem Behaviour section. Then you get step-by-step instructions regarding your puppy’s problematic behavior.

    This feature comes in very handy to solve a number of problems that you and your dog are facing.

    4. Top Dog Products:

    This app brings with it a number of top dog products to help you with your dog training. These pup products also help to stop the problem behaviors of your puppy. Choosing the right product will surely make training your dog a piece of cake.

    Pupford Products

    Pupford helps you to choose the exact product you need for your puppy’s training. These products also nourish your puppy with the right nutrients to help its overall growth.

    5. Private Community Access:

    This feature of the app is for all their app members. Once logged in, the user gets access to the private community of Pupford. Here a user can get access to eBook, Community, Pre-Class survey, and Post-Class Survey, and share the class options.

    Private Community
    Private Community

    Pupford App Benefits:

    Firstly, this app has a very attractive user interface. All of it’s options and features can be accessed without any hindrance. Creating a dog profile helps you to keep a check on your puppy’s training and also tracks the progress of your puppy.

    The trump card of Pupford is surely 100% free classes. Your puppy can excel in training in just 30 days. This app has a good number of skill sets and tricks to incubate your puppy.

    Also, go through the linked article to find other top dog training apps. Happy training!


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