What is Poco X2’s biggest problem?


Note: This article is based on the user reviews on Flipkart

POCO X2 Major issues

Straight to the point, the Majority of people buy Poco X2 just to play PUBG Mobile. And you might also have the same intention.

If you look at the POCO X2 Q&A page on Flipkart, the most common question you see is “Can it run PUBG smoothly?”

And the answer for that question is Yes! (Accordingly to the user reviews on Flipkart).

OK. POCO X2 is value for money smartphone with Snapdragon 730G processor along with 120Hz refresh rate Display. The user experience you have with this smartphone will be awesome, but what is the major problem that you face after buying this smartphone.

Majority of the Reviews(negative only) on Flipkart says that they are facing heating issue and quick battery drain issue.

POCO X2 quick battery drain issue

And you might be thinking that running a device on a High refresh rate will obviously drain the battery quickly. But see the below review on Flipkart saying that the 120Hz is just a Gimmick and it won’t even save battery while running at 60Hz.

poco x2 120Hz battery test

poco x2 heating issue

Users also allege that it drains battery as fast as it charges the phone.

poco x2 major problem

The heating issue is 2nd major issue of POCO X2, but the Battery drain is the most reported issue.

The POCO X2 is the highest rated mid range camera phone with upto 4.5 stars, but if you see the below image of average rating of users on Flipkart, POCO X2’s battery rating is 2.8 which is too less compared to competitor mobiles.

POCO X2 heating issue

See more images of POCO X2 rating on Flipkart

*below images are randomly selected

Most of reviews says that they brought their POCO phones by watching and believing YouTube videos, but now they are facing quick battery drain issue a lot.

POCO X2 heating issue

Heating issue is the second major problem of this new POCO X2. Users from Flipkart allege that it becomes heat even in normal usage without gaming.

checkout the below reviews saying that they are facing heating issue the most.


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