Nikon said it will launch “5D” competitor mirror-less camera


Unlike any mobile phone upgrade, Digital Cameras product update speed can be said to be quite slow, they are usually updated every two years. It is less than a year since the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Fujifilm and major camera brands have begun to update their own body and lens groups.

Nikon Mirrorless camera

At present, Nikon Z port does not have any lens suitable for sports photography. It needs to transfer its SLR lens.

Earlier, Nikon executive said in an interview that Nikon will launch a new flagship full-frame without reversal, and its positioning is equivalent to D5.

This means that this new Z-Series non-reflex camera will be superior in high-speed continuous shooting and motion focusing.

According to the positioning of its “sports flagship”, the dual-speed card slot is not expected to be absent, and it is even possible to carry a high-speed LAN port.

At the same time, it is foreseeable that before the Olympic Games, a series of Z-mount telephoto and super telephoto constant aperture lenses will be released, and the lens group of Z port will be further improved.


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