Best Search Engine for TOR 【2022】


Tor stands for The Onion Router which is used for anonymity and privacy, and DuckDuckGo is the default Search Engine for TOR browser which is good actually, but if you want to explore more and want to try different search engines on your TOR browser, you are at the right place.

Tor had 3 security levels, Standard, Safer, and Safest. If you are using the TOR browser with the Standard or Safer Security level, simply Google is the best search engine, else if you are browsing with the Safest security level, unfortunately, Google is inaccessible.

While browsing with the Standard security, it acts as a VPN, whereas with the Safest mode it disables many website features and only executes static pages.

Best Search Engine for TOR Browser

Below are some of the best search engines for the TOR browser with complete anonymity.

Qwant Lite

Qwant search engine for TOR

Qwant lite is the fastest anonymous engine, it has two versions Qwant and Qwant lite, whereas Qwant lite is specifically made for TOR browser and it loads extremely light and fast compared to any other search engine.


Privacy Wall

As the name suggests, it’s a privacy-dedicated search engine that works best with the onion router, also the search results are simply satisfying and also display snippets.

It is fast and simple to use, has dedicated image search like Google, and works seamlessly with the TOR’s safest level security.


Fastest search engine for TOR

Alohafind is a completely private search engine that won’t keep any of your logs, will not ask you for any captcha verification, and will never collect any of your data, and search results are simply amazing.

It is one of the private browsers that always keep your searches private. It has a clean and simple UI, also it’s very lightweight and it loads extremely fast on TOR.


One Search

OneSearch is yet another private search engine with minimalistic design and with full of privacy. It has no log, no cookie policy which makes your every search confidential. And the best part of this OneSearch is, it’s accessible with the TOR browser, and works uninterruptedly without asking for a captcha.


Bevoci the onion router search engine

Becovi is another Privacy-focused search engine with no cookie, no history policy. It is a pure private search engine and has many similar features as Google, and it is as similar as the other search engines listed above.



The name may sound a little irrelevant, but it’s also a straightforward search engine focused on users’ privacy. It has a clean and bright theme and has full control over search results. You can change the SERP, to a different region which lets you see the search results from a different country.


It is not a completely anonymous search engine, but it’s accessible with the TOR browser. This search engine collects some user data including their IP, and location also uses cookies, which is disappointing, but the only reason it is being listed here is that you can use it with TOR.



Startpage is a simple and beautiful TOR accessible search engine, and it is as good as other search engines, also the search results are satisfying. It is also intended to keep the searches private by not collecting any of the data from the users.


Best Search Engine for TOR

It is one of the functional search engines on TOR, it shows pretty much similar search results like Google and is also fast on your TOR compared to DuckDuckGo. The motive of this search engine is environmentally friendly, but still, ecosia uses cookies which may not keep you anonymous anymore.

These were some of the best search engines for TOR, but there’s more, see the below list to check out other useful search engines to use with the tor browser.






Metager (Spanish)


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