PhableCare – Know before you order medicines, Doctor consultation | Pros and Cons


PhableCare is an AI powered disease management platform for patients. It helps patients and doctors keep a constant track of the health vitals and facilitates timely interventions that ensures superlative treatment outcomes.

The ultimate goal of the phable is to save lives by providing or suggesting excellent medicines through Doctors.

There are two main applications :

  1. PhableCare – Patients app
  2. PhableCare – Doctors app

PhableCare – Patients app

It is an application that virtually connects patients and doctors. It contains a list of doctors, where the patient has to find a doctor according to the disease he is experiencing.

When he finds a doctor, he is tagged with him and he can book through the app for further consultation. The consultation will be on call, video calling and personal. The consultation price varies from doctor to doctor.

Doctor will upload the prescription through the PhableCare – Doctors app and patient will receive it in the Patients app and he can buy the medicines through PhableCare or by the nearest medical store. There is a 35% discount on all medications you order at PhableCare, this offer applies to all customers, and every order (discount percentage may vary).

If you want to book Lab test, you can directly book through app, here also you get many discounts. To download the app, click here.


It contains five pages

  1. Activities
  2. Log
  3. Home
  4. Dashboard
  5. Discover


Doctor and patient are tagged to each other, and doctor will upload the prescription, this we can see on the activities page.


Patients may suffer from any chronic illness. For example, if a patient has diabetes, upload the glucometer readings as per doctor’s information.

In this part, doctor will know the health readings and he will advise the medicines to the patients.


This is the main home page of the application. Here we can see – book consultation, order medicines, order lab tests, buy devices, buy insurance.

On this page you can buy medicines, devices (BP monitor or Glucometer). There are several discounts for every order you make.


It includes a 6-month reading of your blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate and exercise. Here we can note the data the patient has added. This makes it easier for doctors to analyze the patient’s condition.


Here, health conscious articles are written to help the users.

PhableCare Highlights

  1. Medicines with great discounts
  2. Easy consultation
  3. Serves as nurse

This is the best platform to order medicines with great discounts. Easy consultation with the doctor, and doctor will have all the patient reports so that he predicts emergencies. The app also reminds you to take tablets and other activities.

In this application I didn’t find any disadvantages or con’s, if anyone finds please comment in the comment section.


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