Huawei P40 and P40 Pro Price, Features, Specifications and Release date


Huawei officially confirmed that Huawei Mate 30 is releasing on September 19. But before the release, The alleged design concept of Huawei P40 is getting rumored.

Huawei P40

According to the leaked renders, Huawei P40 will adopt a full-screen design, and this time it will adopt the waterfall design by increasing curves on the edges of the screen.

However, as per the renderings, Huawei’s P40 does not include a pop-up camera on its screen, instead of that Huawei P40 will use the down-screen lens technology to hide the front lens below the screen. Although it is not yet officially confirmed.

P40 Screen

In addition, the upcoming smartphone will also support the In-display fingerprint recognition, which will not only expand the area of ​​fingerprint recognition but also increase the speed of fingerprint unlocking, so that users can start unlocking after gently touching the screen.

Huawei P40’s body will still be made of glass material, and the gradient color design will make the mobile look good. After all, the Huawei P30 has a very high value in the design of the exterior. Of course, the Huawei P40 will not be bad.

The rear lens of the mobile will be upgraded to a five-camera combination. Not only this, but it is also rumored that the P40 can capture 100 megapixels photos, even the rear lens will be a Leica-certified camera.

As everyone knows Huawei P30’s main feature is its camera, and so many people used it to capture the images of the moon. It is believed that Huawei P40 will not only continue to adopt the camera skills of Huawei P30 but also enhance the camera’s camera effect on this basis.

Huawei P40 camera module

In terms of hardware configuration, Huawei just released the Kirin 990 chipset, so it is possible that the Huawei P40 can be equipped with Kirin 990. and the smartphone will also support 5G technology.

Although the relationship between Huawei and Google has eased, Google still has not issued a final attitude. And Huawei executives have also revealed that if the Android system is not available, it will be launched on the Huawei P40 released in 2020 for the first time.

alged image of upcoming huawei phone

It is expected that the Huawei P40 may launch in 2020, so the price is expected to be around 4,000 yuan.


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