Umidigi uwatch 2 comes with an inbuilt GPS sensor


Umidigi had recently released Umidigi uwatch and now ready to release next-generation uwatch 2 with higher specifications. But the design is same as the previous one rather than it has a GPS sensor which is inbuilt and 1.3-inch TFTn screen with 240*240 resolution.

This type of watch is more often used by sportsperson, and also is designed for them which is waterproof, dust resistance case. The watch is housed in rugged IP68 water so it will survive in the swimming pool.

As for the features, it seems that the new smartwatch has the same set of features and sports modes as the previous generation. In terms of hardware configuration, its processor is NRF52832 chip with 512+ 64KB memory and 64MB extend storage.

Coming to battery Umidigi uwatch 2 has 400 mAh When GPS is on, it will serve 16 hours of operation and 20 days of normal use. It has a dofferent type of sports modes such as hiking, basketball, football, badminton, and others.

The watch will also have an eye on steps, sleep monitoring, burned calories, heart rate, and call alerts. The cost of the Uwatch 2 is Rs.2,293.78 ($33.32) in Aliexpress Exclusive but 15th – 21st July you can get this product for just Rs.1720.34 ($24.99). Recently Samsung also released the smartwatch you can have a look.


  • Inbuilt GPS sensor.
  • 400 mAh battery can withstand for 20 days (GPS is off).
  • The TFTn screen of 240*240 resolution.
  • Sports mode.
  • Waterproof IP68.


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