Voicepop: Convert WhatsApp voice messages into text


    Voicepop turns voice messages to text immediately!

    Whatsapp messenger is one of the top communicating application. In this, we can send messages, photos, videos and also voice messages. But some people hate to hear voice messages so hear is the good news for those people.

    Voicepop is an application which works inside the Whatsapp and converts the voice messages to text message instantly. Now onwards we can easily send text messages without using our fingers but through voice and it is a piece of great news for people who hate listening to voice messages.

    It is not only for Whatsapp but it fit for other applications like KakaoTalk, Line and other messengers.

    Voicepop is free to download and use for a limited time, read when you can’t listen

    • In meetings.
    • In class and lectures.
    • When your partner or kids are sleeping.
    • In public places.
    • While visited temples.

    In this application, we can not only convert voice messages but also video messages to text messages in seconds. Don’t worry about language it supports 120 languages.

    Key Functions

    • Transcribe voice and video messages to text in seconds.
    • Works inside WhatsApp, no need to switch between apps.
    • Works with voice and video messages up to 2-minute long.
    • Supports 120 languages.

    You can download through play store or here is the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.speakapp.voicepop&hl=en_IN



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