Samsung Galaxy M31 | The Mega Monster


Samsung launched its new Galaxy variant with powerful specifications and features. Samsung included some quiet out-of-the-box features to top the competition. Let’s take a look at the features and also the justification of the Samsung Galaxy M31 for the title of The Mega Monster.

Samsung Galaxy M31
Samsung Galaxy M31


  • Processor- Exynos 9611 SDC (Octa Core)
  • Display- 6.4″ SAMOLED Full HD+ Screen
  • Storage- Internal 64/128GB.
  • RAM- 6GB
  • Camera- Quad Rear Camera 64+8+5+5MP with 32MP Selfie Camera.
  • Battery- 6000 mAh Battery with 15W fast Charging.
  • Android Version- 10.

Samsung Galaxy M31 comes with a decent Exynos 9611 processor. Which handles all the operations on mobile quite smoothly. The 64MP camera setup, which includes 64MP (f2.0) main camera + 8MP Ultra Wide sensor +5MP Depth sensor +5MP Macro Sensor. This the biggest trump card of this handset. It does click some cool pictures. The SAMOLED screen is very efficient during outdoor operations.

This mobile phone is based on ONE UI v2 that runs on Android 10. RAM and Storage options available for this phone are quite good and the basic variant which is 6/128GB is sufficient for usage and can be used without an additional memory card too.


The full HD+ SAMOLED screen of this phone is a good quality display, which is very efficient during usage. To keep the performance smooth, the incorporation of Exynos 9611 Processor is done well. The massive 6000 mAh battery supports all the functions with a standby time of approximately one and a half-day to two days. This stand-by-time seems to be more than enough and is surely quite abundant. And yes, the trump card is played well with the incorporation of a 64MP powerful Rear Camera setup.

Samsung Galaxy M31
Samsung Galaxy M31


The processor involved in the Samsung Galaxy M31 mobile phone is quite sufficient for the operations and applications to run. But this mobile won’t be suitable for a gamer, although it can run some low graphic games constructively. Fast charging could actually be justified by using a charger of a higher power. 15W charger takes a fairly long time to fully charge the phone.


  • Samsung Galaxy M31 does justify the tag The Mega Monster with a powerful battery and a powerful camera setup.
  • Even though the mobile has a 6000 mAh battery, the weight balancing is nicely done and the mobile phone seems to be nowhere bulky.
  • The fingerprint sensor scans very quickly and works fast as well.
  • While switching between the applications there is seen a minor lag problem.
  • This mobile is not a gamic-centric phone. However, games can be played by setting graphics to medium option.
  • Though it has a massive 6000 mAh battery, providing it with a 15W charger doesn’t seem to be working. It takes almost 3hrs to charge the phone fully.
  • Even after connecting to a fast charger, the phone doesn’t draw much current, and the charging time remains the same.
  • Also, an external case is mandatory as the back panel of the phone acts as a fingerprint magnet.


Samsung Galaxy M31 is for those who usually kill the battery within a day and lookup for using it throughout the day. This mobile phone has the best camera for this price range which has good camera sensors that help in capturing good quality images. This mobile phone is suggested for those who are looking for a mid-range Samsung smartphone at the price range of INR 15,000.

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